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close this bookBiogas Plants in Animal Husbandry (GTZ, 1989)
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View the documentForeword
View the document1. An introduction to biogas technology
close this folder2. A planning guide
View the document2.1 Introduction
View the document2.3 Checklist for building a biogas plant
close this folder3. The agricultural setting
View the document3.1 Natural parameters for biogas plants of simple design
View the document3.2 Suitable types of biomass and their characteristics
View the document3.3 Agricultural/operational prerequisites and stock-farming requirements
View the document3.4 Fertilizing with digested slurry
View the document3.5 Integral agriculture
close this folder4. Balancing the energy demand with the biogas production
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View the document4.1 Determining the Energy Demand
View the document4.2 Determining the biogas production
View the document4.3 Sizing the plant
View the document4.4 Balancing the gas production and gas demand by iteration
View the document4.5 Sample calculations
close this folder5. Biogas technique
View the document(introduction...)
View the document5.1 Fundamental principles, parameters, terms
View the document5.2 Design principles of simple biogas plants
View the document5.3 Biogas plants of simple design
View the document5.4 Design and construction of plant components
View the document5.5 Biogas utilization
View the document5.6 Measuring methods and devices for biogas plants
View the document6. Large-scale biogas plants
close this folder7. Plant operation, maintenance and repair
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View the document7.1 Commissioning of biogas plants
View the document7.2 Plant operation
View the document7.3 Plant maintenance
View the document7.4 Plant repair
View the document7.5 Safety measures
close this folder8. Economic analysis and socioeconomic evaluation
View the document8.1 Procedures and target groups
View the document8.2 Working-time balance
View the document8.3 Micro-economic analysis for the user
View the document8.4 Use of complex dynamic methods
View the document8.5 Qualitative evaluation by the user
View the document8.6 Macro-economic analysis and evaluation
close this folder9. Social acceptance and dissemination
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View the document9.1 Determining factors of acceptance for biogas plants
View the document9.2 Dissemination strategies
View the document9.3 Implementing agencies
View the document9.4 Artisan involvement
View the document9.5 Training
View the document9.6 Financing
close this folder10. Appendix
View the document10.1 Design calculations and drawings
View the document10.2 Gas-law calculations
View the document10.3 Conversion tables
View the document10.4 Charts and tables for use in performing micro-economic
View the document10.5 List of pertinent suppliers and institutions
View the document10.6 Selected literature
View the document10.7 Lists and indexes


Uli Werner/Ulrich Stöhr/Nicolai Hees

A Publication of the Deutsches Zentrum für Entwicklungstechnologien - GATE , a Division of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) GmbH - 1989