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close this bookAgriculture - Initial Environmental Assessment Series No. 1 (NORAD, 1995)
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View the documentIntroduction
close this folderPart I: General account
close this folder1. Characteristics of agricultural projects
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View the document1.2 Project categories
View the document1.3 General characteristics of tropical plant production
View the document1.4 Farming systems in tropical agriculture
View the document1.5 Choice of technology
View the document1.6 Industries associated with agriculture
close this folder2. The environment affected by the project
View the document2.1 Climate
View the document2.2 Eco-climatic zones
View the document2.3 Soil characteristics
View the document2.4 Economic and socio-cultural conditions
close this folder3. Possible environ mental impacts
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View the document3.1 Introduction
View the document3.2 Impacts on air and climate
View the document3.3 Impacts on soil
View the document3.4 Impacts on wafer resources
View the document3.5 Impacts on ecosystems, natural and cultural landscapes, and historical relics
View the document3.6 The spreading of pests and diseases
View the document3.7 Impacts of the use of seeds and biotechnology
View the document3.8 Changes in land use and impacts on traditional ways of life and the utilization of natural resources
View the document3.9 Impacts on other existing or planned activities
View the document4. Relevant literature
close this folderPart II: Documentation requirements for initial environmental assessment
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