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close this bookEfficiency and Equity In Groundwater Use And Management - Workshop Report 3 (IRMA, 1989)
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View the documentAcknowledgements
View the documentAbbreviation
View the document1. Introduction
View the document2. Groundwater resource position
close this folder3. Issues in the eastern - Gangetic region
View the document3.1 General profile and areas for concern
View the document3.2 Need to step up groundwater utilization
View the document3.3 Physical and institutional constraints
View the document3.4 Equitable appropriation of the unutilized potential
close this folder4. Issues in north west region
View the document4.1 Effects of rapid expansion of lift irrigation
View the document4.2 Need, scope and strategies for conjunctive use
View the document4.3 Regulation of over-exploitation : legal and other approaches
View the document4.4 Questions of equitable access
close this folder5. Issues in the hardrock areas of the southern peninsula
View the document5.1 Characteristics of the resource
View the document5.2 Management of a limited resource
View the document5.3 Augmenting the resource
View the document5.4 Equitable appropriation
close this folder6. Institutional arrangements : public tubewells
View the document(introduction...)
View the document6.1 Evidence on efficiency and economic viability
View the document6.2 Evidence on equity
View the document6.3 Reasons for mal-performance
View the document6.4 Implications
close this folder7. Institutional arrangement : community tubewells
View the document(introduction...)
View the document7.1 Survival and efficiency: factors affecting performance
View the document7.2 Equity in community tubewells
close this folder8 Groundwater markets
View the document8.1 Size and significance
View the document8.2 Efficiency issues
View the document8.3 Equity in ownership and access
View the document8.4 Implications
View the document9. Institutional arrangements : legal issues
View the document10 Agenda for future research and actions
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View the documentList of participants