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close this bookEnvironmental Appraisal of a Proposed Aragonite Mining Operation and Other Proposed Activities at West Cacois Island - Rreport to the Government of the Turks and Cacois Islands, British West Indies (LRDC/NRI, 1985, 76 pages)
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View the documentSummary
View the documentIntroduction and acknowledgements
close this folderPart 1 - Previous reports
close this folder1.1. The Wapora report and subsequent correspondence
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close this folder1.1.1. Environmental description
View the document1.1.1.1. Terrestrial environment
View the document1.1.1.2. Waves
View the document1.1.1.3. Currents
View the document1.1.1.4. Marine ecology
close this folder1.1.2. Predicted impacts of the mining project
View the document1.1.2.1. Terrestrial environment
View the document1.1.2.2. Coastal erosion and seabed scour
View the document1.1.2.3. Marine ecology
close this folder1.1.3. Mitigation and monitoring
View the document(introduction...)
View the document1.1.3.1. Stockpiling and runoff collection pond
View the document1.1.3.2. Dust in the stockpile and loading areas
View the document1.1.3.3. Marine biological effects
View the document1.1.4. Conclusion
close this folder1.2. The proposed mining project
View the document1.2.1. Description
View the document1.2.2. The Bimini operation
View the document1.2.3. Comparison with the Bimini operation
View the document1.2.4. Quality of material
View the document1.2.5. Possible physical environmental effects
View the document1.2.6. Possible alternative dredging patterns and methods
View the document1.2.7. Continental's proposed shore-based operations
close this folderPart 2 - Ecological appraisal and the effects of aragonite development
View the document2.1. Summary
close this folder2.2. Physical conditions and the effects of dredging operation
close this folder2.2.1. Existing conditions
View the document2.2.1.1. Climate
View the document2.2.1.2. Wave climate
View the document2.2.1.3. Currents
View the document2.2.1.4. The shoreline
View the document2.2.2. Effects of dredging on wave action and the north shoreline
close this folder2.3. Terrestrial ecology
View the document2.3.1. Scenery
close this folder2.3.2. Flora and fauna
View the document2.3.2.1. Vegetation
View the document2.3.2.2. Birds and ground fauna
View the document2.3.2.3. The effects of aragonite development
close this folder2.4. Marine ecology
close this folder2.4.1. Coral reefs
View the document2.4.1.1. Ecological appraisal
View the document2.4.1.2. Effects of aragonite mining
View the document2.4.2. Seagrass beds
View the document2.4.3. Mangroves
close this folder2.4.4. Fisheries
View the document2.4.4.1. The Spiny Lobster, Panulirus argus
View the document2.4.4.2. The Queen Conch, Strombus gigas
View the document2.4.4.3. Turtle
View the document2.4.4.4. Scale fish
close this folderPart 3 - Guidelines for mitigation of the effects of aragonite development
View the document3.1. Summary and purpose of the guidelines
close this folder3.2. Terrestrial effects
View the document3.2.1. Conservation of vegetation and fauna
View the document3.2.2. Disposal of surplus water from the stockpile
View the document3.2.3. Disposal of unusable products of dredging
View the document3.2.4. Mitigation of dust nuisance
View the document3.2.5. Domestic and industrial wastes
View the document3.2.6. Housing
close this folder3.3. Marine effects
View the document3.3.1. Short term mitigation
View the document3.3.2. Long term mitigation
close this folderPart 4 - Monitoring needs of the aragonite project
View the document4.1. Purpose of monitoring
close this folder4.2. Specific monitoring recommendations
View the document4.2.1. Submission of detailed mining proposals
View the document4.2.2. Hydrographic and geophysical surveys
View the document4.2.3. Collection of baseline data
View the document4.2.4. Monitoring of the mining operation
View the document4.2.5. Baseline surveys for the proposed reserve areas
close this folderPart 5 - Environmental recovery during and after aragonite mining
View the document5.1. Terrestrial recovery
View the document5.2. Marine recovery
close this folder5.3. Making good
View the document5.3.1. Provision for reinstatement
View the document5.3.2. Terrestrial environment
View the document5.3.3. Marine environment
close this folderPart 6 - Other proposed activities and long-term development of West Caicos
View the document6.1. The voice of America relay station
View the document6.2. Sewage dump
View the document6.3. Ship-to-ship oil transfers
View the document6.4. Future industrial activities
View the documentReferences
close this folderAnnexes
View the documentAnnex 1 - Terms of reference for the environmental study
View the documentAnnex 2 - Itinerary and persons consulted
View the documentAnnex 3 - Monitoring
View the documentAnnex 4 - Terms of reference for a park planner
View the documentAnnex 5 - Biological sampling data