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close this bookBoiling Point No. 04 - March 1983 (ITDG Boiling Point, 1983)
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BP No. 3 Village Studies in Sri Lanka

Yvonne Shanahan was to continue this article with a case study of a Kandyan village, and give an overall look at the implications for Extension of new stoves in Sri Lanka. Yvonne is about to visit Sri Lanka again, to continue with another aspect of village studies. Accordingly her article is postponed until the next Boiling Point so that the earlier studies can be reappraised in the light of a recent visit.


Members of the stove team are currently working on the mud stove section of a training manual. They would be interested in hearing from anyone who has information on the following:

1. Additions to mud stove mixes besides sand and clay.
2. Experimental mixes for protective surface coverings of mud stoves (eg. Royer, page 11 "so far engine oil rubbed into the stove seems to be the most effective".