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close this bookSustainable Energy News - No. 05 - Europe - June 1994 (INFORSE, 1994)
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Lithuanian Energy Saving TV Competition

The Lithuanian INforSE member, Community Atgaja and the Lithuanian Television organized a competition on the best household energy saving designs, implemented in Lithuania. The competition was shown in a weekly programme from January 1 to April 25 in the Lithuanian Television.

Aim of the competition

The purpose of the competition was to increase public understanding on saving energy and on environmental protection problems in the everyday life in households. It was aimed at promotion of environmentally sound and energy-saving technologies to get the public involved and actively participate.

The competition was supported by Lithuanian ministries and by several companies in Lithuania.

Visit to Denmark

The last event of the competition is an educational trip of 25 Lithuanians in Denmark on June 10-17, 1994. The visit is organised by OVE, Danish Organization of Renewable Energy. The Lithuanian competition winners, experts and a TV crew will get acquainted with the Danish experience on the field of energy saving, renewable energy, house building and renovation.

More information: Linas Vainius, Saulius Piksrys ATGAJA, Uosto Krantas 3, 3000 Kaunas, Lithuania. Tel: + 3-707 208765, Fax: 3 707 209274.