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International Symposium On The Study of

Strategy of Renewable Energy

June 21 to 24, 1988 Beijing, China
Co-organized by:

Chinese Academy of Agricultural Engineering Research & Planning

* Agrip Company, Italy

Address For Information:

Mr Ynag Hui

Mr Wang Zhengyuan

The Secretariat of ISSSRE '88

Chinese Academy of Agricultural

Engineering Research & Planning

Agricultural Exhibition Road South

Beijing, People's Republic of China

Tel: 500 2961
500 3366/3004
Tlx: 22233 MAAF CN (CAAERP)

Subjects For The Symposium

A The position of rural energy in the development of energy;

B The relation between the construction of rural energy and the development of agriculture;

C Evaluation of renewable energy resources;

D The general and specific policies for the development of rural energy;

E The strategic thinking of the development of rural energy in developing countries;

F The study of the possibility of rural energy construction in earlier stages;

G The report on demonstration of rural energy;

H The reasonable structure of rural energy;

I The complemental system of renewable energy;

J The evaluation and selection of technologies for planning and guiding rural energy;

K Rural energy and ecological environment; L The technologies of energy - saving;

M The evaluation of benefits brought by the development of renewable energy in rural areas.

Call For Papers:

Authors are hereby invited to submit technical papers on any topics indicated above. The paper will be reviewed by the "Academic Committee" and the authors of those selected will be invited to submit their full paper for presentation at the symposium. The paper must be received by May 31st 1988. English will be used as the working language of ISSSRE'88.

Location of lSSSRE'S8

ISSSRE'88 will be held in China Centre of Rural Energy Research and Training (CCRERT) which is located in Changping county. Beijing is very close to the Great Wall and Ming Tomb. It is only 40 kms away from the centre.


It is a beautiful month with flowers and sunny in June in Beijing, China. The average temperature is about 25° and a maximum of 28°C in Beijing.

Accommodation and Registration

It is anticipated that the registration fee will be 240 us dollars. It covers:

* transport from and to the airport; * all technical sessions, reception; * copy of proceeding; * coffee or tea and party etc.

Accommodation will be in CCRERT. The rates for different rooms and the fee for meals are as follows:

US Dollars

Single room


Double room


Each day's meals


(without wine)

IT Bookshop is on the Move

The Intermediate Technology bookshop in London has moved to:

103/105 Southampton Row,
Tel: 01 436 9761


However the Intermediate Technology Development Group head office is still located at Myson House, Rugby.

International Forum

"Briquetting of Biomass - Does it have a Future"

November 1987, ITDG, Rugby

An invited group of about 40 people gathered to consider reports on briquetting work being done in various parts of the world.

- ITDG's Work in Biomass Briquetting - Ian McChesney (ITDG)

- State of the Art Briquetting Technologies John Tatom (Independent)

- Energy Systems: Briquetting and the Poor Matt Gamser (ITDG)

- Marketing Briquettes - Roland Louvel (Independent)

Three discussion groups were then formed to try to answer the question "Does Biomass Briquetting has a Future?":

"Technology" reported by James Magowan (Newcastle University)

"Markets" reported by Mick Howes (IDS)

"Project Design" reported by Dominic Walubengo (KENGO)

Copies of the papers and the resume of proceedings may be obtained from Carrie Brooks, ITDG, Rugby.


Contributions are invited for the next three issues of Boiling Point the main themes of which will be:

No. 16 - Metal, Clays and Mud for
Stove Making
No. 17 - Fault Finding and
No. 18 - Stove Programmes in the

Articles for these issues should reach this office by the end of June for issue No. 16, by the end of October for issue No. 17 and by the end of February for issue No. 18.


One of the most valuable services provided by ITDG is in answering technical enquiries.

The stoves team and its associates are at your service in this way and have answered many enquiries over the last 6 years. They are ready to tackle questions on subjects such as stove promotion and dissemination; marketing and economics; production; project strategy and planning as well as technical problems of design and testing, etc. Remember, if you need a detailed answer, you should give as much detailed information as possible.





12 - 30 SEPT. 1988



The three week training is designed for stove practitioners and managers and focuses on stove technology and application.

The participants should:

1 have experience of field work;

2 be familiar with assessment of biomass;

3 be involved in implementing/managing stove programmes.

Development Group

'Boiling Point' is the newsletter of the Intermediate Technology Development Group's Fuel for Food Programme. Contributions are welcome in the form of articles of not more than 1,000 words plus line drawings, simple graphs, etc. where appropriate. All correspondence should be addressed to: 'Boiling Point', ITDG Fuel for Food Programme, Myson House, Railway Terrace, Rugby, CV21 3HT, England.

Opinions expressed in contributory articles are those of the authors and not necessarily those of the ITDG Fuel for Food Programme.

(Readers wishing to enter into correspondence with any of the authors may obtain full postal addresses from the address given above).

Editorial and Production Team:

Jackie Pepper

Kathryn Clarke

Ian Grant

Simon Burne

Tammy Flavell


Kathryn Clarke

Dominic Walubengo

Ian McChesney

Chris Davey

Vivienne Abbott

R.U. Amerasekera

B.P. Sepalage

Renuka de Mel

Ton van der Knyff

Dr. Herath

Mick Howes

Camillus Lyange

Tim Jones

Figure drawings by Peter Bradbrook and Frances Stuart