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close this bookSustainable Energy News - No. 05 - Europe - June 1994 (INFORSE, 1994)
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How Can YOU Help the WALK for a Nuclear-Free World ????

· Organise information events all along the route. We will carry a slide-show and have brochures on the issues we are walking for. Invite local speakers to these events.

· Arrange for a parking space and permit for our mobile renewable energy exhibition in every village and town we will visit.

A truck will travel along with the walkers. Not just an ordinary truck, but one that can park on any market-square, and can become an exhibition on renewable energy. The truck was used by the Folkecenter for Renewable Energy in Denmark, and travelled along the Baltic coast, and in Czechoslovakia and Hungary.

In 1995, the truck will come through your area with the walkers and inform the public on energy savings and renewable energy.

· Announce the publication of two NEW booklets in newsletters and papers. For Mother Earth invited two organizations to write comprehensive booklets in view of its 1995 Walk across Europe. LAKA from the Netherlands is writing a comprehensive booklet on the nuclear situation in Europe, both military and civilian. OVE will publish a booklet on energy savings and renewable energy, overview of the situation in Europe.

· Organise official receptions at city halls and parliamentary buildings for when the walkers arrive. Ask them for an official proclamation.

· Invite the local community to walk with us through their town/village/country ... or all the way across Europe

Ask your friends, family, other groups, schools, etc... to join us as we walk through their area. Ask them to make banners, signs, ... and whatever to carry with them. Send a representative of your group or region to join the walk for the whole period.

· Organise non-violent actions or a demonstration. Help the walkers to organise powerful non-violent actions at symbolic places (nuclear power plants, nuclear missile sites, ...) or organise a demonstration in major towns along the route.

· Invite the media to all those events.

· Spread our petition through your network.

With YOUR help it should be easy to collect over ONE MILLION SIGNATURES by the end of the walk.

For Mother Earth, Zilverhof 19, 9000 Gent, Belgium. Ph: +32-9-2333268, Fax: +32-9-2334924. E-mail: Financial contribution: postal account: 000-1618561-19 Get more information on renewable energy activities through the walk: Support Network on Renewable Energy, Rijksstraatweg 37-46, 6574 AC Ubbergen - Netherlands. Ph: +31-80603917. E-mail: