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close this bookTransport - Initial Environmental Assessment Series No. 8 (NORAD, 1994)
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View the documentForeword
View the documentIntroduction
close this folderPart I: General account
close this folder1 Characteristics of transport projects
View the document1.1 Introduction
View the document1.2 Project categories
View the document1.3 General characteristics
View the document1.4 Road transport
View the document1.5 Sea transport
View the document1.6 Other types of transport
close this folder2 The environment affected by the project
View the document2.1 Natural conditions
View the document2.2 Man-made conditions
close this folder3 Possible environmental impacts
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View the document3.1 Pollution of water, air and soil
View the document3.2 Soil erosion
View the document3.3 Barrier impacts
View the document3.4 Other impacts on ecosystems and vulnerable fauna and flora
View the document3.5 Landscape, cultural relics and scenic values
View the document3.6 Noise, accidents and other impacts on health
View the document3.7 Land use changes and impacts for traditional lifestyles and management of natural resources
View the document3.8 Impacts of new and existing activities
View the document4 Relevant literature
close this folderPart II: Documentation requirements for initial environmental assessment
View the document1 Project description
View the document2 Description of the environment
View the document3 Checklist
View the documentWill the project