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Directory of National Commissions on Sustainable Development

Contact: L.S. Dooley, WRI, 1709 New York Ave NW, Washington DC 20006. Ph/fax: +1-202638-6300/0036. 1994.

Energy savings and Job Impacts from the Proposed Energy Tax

Skip Leitner. 20p. $6. 1993.

Industrial Energy Efficiency: Trends, Savings Potential and Policy Options Howard Geller. 30p. $6. 1994.

Electricity Consumption and the Potential for Electric Energy Savings in the manufacturing Sector

R. Neal Elliott. 60p. $10. 1994.

Market Transformation Strategies to Promote End-Use Efficiency

Steven Nadel. 50p. $10. 1994.

All from ACEEE Publ.,2140 Shattuck Avenue, # 202, Berkeley, CA 94704, USA. Ph/fax: +1-510549-9914.

Powering the Future: Blueprint for a Sustainable Electricity Industry

C Flavin & N Lenssen World Watch Paper No.119. Contact: Jim Perry, WWI, 1776 Massachusetts Ave. NW Washington DC 20036-1904. Ph/fax: +1-202-452199912967365. 74p. 1994.

European Directory of Renewable Energy, 1994 - Suppliers and Services 432p. $75. 1994

A Solar Manifesto

The need for a total Solar Energy Supply and How to Achieve it. 240p. $35. 1994. Both from James & James Ltd. Publ.,5 Castle Rd. London NW 1 8PR. Ph/fax: +44-712B4-383313737.

Climate Time Bomb. Signs of Climate Change

Greenpeace Int., Keizersgracht 176, 1016 DW Amsterdam, Netherlands. 14p. 1994.

Joint Implementation from a European NGO Perspective

Climate Network Europe, 44 rue du Taciturne, B-1040 Brussels, ph/fax:+3222-310180/305713.60p.1 994

Study on Actual Romanian Enrrgy Situation and Alternative Solution for the Further Strategy

PP Galati, str Siderurgistilor, bloc SD4A, apt 12, 6200 Galati, Romania. Ph/fax: +40-36-457381. 35p. 1994.

Rural Lighting

A guide for Development Workers stand alone systems, buyers guide - by Jean-Paul Louineau et al. Intermediate Technology Publications Ltd., 103105 Southhampton Row, London WC1B 4HH, UK. Ph/fax: +44-714369761/2013. 180p. $28.50. 1994.

The Earth Summit Agreement' - A Guide and Assessment

M. Grubb 180p. £12.50. 1993.

Sustainable Development and Energy Industries - Implementation and Impacts of Environmental Legislation

Nicola Steen.350p. £15.9S. 1994.

Transport in Transition - Lessons from the History of Energy

Stephen Peake, 125p.£12.95. 1994.

Rcbuilding Romania - Energy, Efficiency and the Economic Transition Walt Patterson. 200p. £12.95. 1994.

Prospect and Strategies for Nuclear Power - Global Boom or Dangerous Diversion?

Peter Beck. 142p. £12.95.

All from RlIA/Earthcan Publications. The Royal Institute of International Affairs, Chatham House 10 St James's Square London SWIY 4LE. Ph/fax:+44-71957-5700/5710.

The Efficient Alternative

- How can we do away with nuclear power, reduce pollution conserve natural resources and save money. P.W.Agnew, Tarragon Press, Moss Park, Ravenstone, Whihorn, Scotland, DG88DR UK. Ph/fax: -988850368/304. 96p. £7. 1994.

The Slovakian Nuclear Power Plant Mochorce

Documentation for Opinion Leaders. Philip Weller, Global 2000, Flurschutzstr.l3, 1120 Vienna, Austria. Ph/fax: +43-1-81257-30128.30p. 1994.


AFPRO Development and Ecology

Bimonthly, Contact: Mr Raymond M. Myles, AFPRO, 25/1A Institutional Area, Pankha road, D-Block Janakpuri, New Delhi 110058 India.

Stove News

Bimonthly. Foundation for Woodstove Dissemination (FWD), PO Box 30979, Nairobi Kenya. Ph/fax:+2542-5660321561464.


Quarterly campaign paper for the Climate is Right for a Change, a common campaign of the European youth environmental networks: EYFA, A SEED Europe, YEE and YDC. A SEED Europe, Postbus 92066, 1090 AB Amsterdam, Netherlands. Ph/fax:+31-206682236/66S0166

The VERGE the European Environmental Networking Magazine, bimonthly. EYFA - European Youth Forest Action Postbus 94115, 1090 GC Amsterdam, Netherlands. Ph/fax:+31-20-6657743.


Uniting North &South, Activists and Practitioners in Sustainable Development &Environment. Edited by Elizabeth Barrett, ICDES, Int. Centre for Development and Environmental Studies, Edge Hill University Coll., St Helens Rd. Ormskirk Lancashire L39 4QP. Ph/fax:-695 575171/579997.

The 2050 Project

Quarterly, project '93 - '96 on sustainability. Contact: Ms Stacy Gillis, World Resources Institute, 1709 New York Avenue, NW Washington DC USA. Ph/fax: +1-202-6622517/628 0878.

Earth Council Information Letter

Bimonthly. P.O. Box 2323-1002 San Jose, Costa Rica, ph/fax:-5062334181552197.

News at SEVEn

Quarters in English and Czech Information about energy efficiency events and developments in the Czech Rep. Available on e-mail. SEVEn, Slezska 7, Prague 2. Ph/fax: +42-2-2424-7552/ 7597, e-mail:

The Baltic Region - Our Habitat

Quarterly, computerized Environmental Bulletin. Green Peace Association of Social Ecological Union of Russia. Molodezhnaya st 22-87, 188537 Sovnovy Bor, St Petersburg reg., Russia. Ph/fax: +7-81269-49481.

Focus on Fusion

Thermo nuclear fusion, quarterly. Edited by km Woolridge. Earthwatch, Harbour View, gantry, Co. Cork, Ireland. Ph/fax: +353-27-50968/50545.