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close this bookSustainable Energy News - No. 06 September 1994 (INFORSE, 1994)
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INforSE Campaign activities

September 26 - October 5, 1994

Parallel activities to IMF/World Bank meeting, Madrid, Spain.

Aedenat,c/Campornanes 13,28013 Madnd. Ph/fax: +34-1-5590334/7517108.

October3-5, /994

8th European Conference on Biomass for Energy, Environment, Agriculture and Industry, Vienna, Austria

Info: Dr Chartier, ADEME, fax: +331 -46455236.

October3-7, 1994
Bioresources/94, Bangalore, India

Biomass Resources: A Means to Sustainable Development. Info: Biomass Users Network, Information and Skills Center, King's Coll., Campden Hill Rd. London, W87AH, UK, ph/fax: +44-71-3334085/4

October 4-7, 1994
PRAGOTHERM, Czech Republic

International exhibition of heating and air conditioning. Info: Incheba, ph: 422 2419-5201, fax: 42-2-2419-5286.

October 6, 1994

Practical Results of Efficiency Activities in the Czech Republic's Energy Sector, Czech Republic

Seminar accompanying Pragotherm. Info: V Simunek, Energy Managers Assoc., ph: 42-2-6675-3431.

October 6, 1994

Cogeneration Policy in Europe - Unlocking the Potential, Brussels

Info: Tvan derDoes, COGEN Europe.

October 1994*

Roundtable on Sustainable Energy and Employment, Sovakia

Info: INforSE, see p. 6.

October 24-27, 1994

Third International Conference on Power Quality, Amsterdam, NL

Info: mr de Zwart, KEMA, ph: +3185-566093, fax: +31 -85-513683.

October 24-28, 1994

III International Conference "Down to Earth", Costa Rica

Practical Appl. of Ecological Economics, ph/fax: +506-2601600/2376868.

October 28, 1994

Climate Change & UK Agriculture Conference, CAN-SAFE, London

Info: Climate Action Network UK, S. Cavanagh,21 Tower Sl, London WC2 SINS, phtfax:+71-2401936/2291.

November 1-3, 1994

3rd International Energy Efficiency & DMS Conference "Changing the Future", Vancouver, Canada

Info: Or Little' SRC int, ph: +1-2126673114, fax: +1-212-6675593.

November 1-5, 1994

Energy and Environment: Transitions in East Central Europe, Czech Rep.

International conference with focus on technology and socioeconomic issues. Info: Milan Fara, Vaclav Smetak, ph: +42-2-741-474, fax:+42-2-741-256.

November 8-10, 1994

Energy Efficiency Business Week '94, Praha, Czech Republic.

Info: SEVEn, ph: +42-2-24247552, fax: +42-2-24247597.

November8-11, 1994

Energy Policy for Sustainable Developmeat of the Amazon Region, Brasilia, Brazil.

Info: Pof. MA Di Lascio, NUPLE/ CEAM/UnB, CEP 04655m 70919970 Brasilia DF, fax:+55-61 -2734539.

November 15-17, 1994

ENEF'94, Future Perspectives for Energy Efficiency in Slovakia, Banska Bystrica, Slovakia

Info: Mr. Rutsek, EMES Ltd. P.O.Box 135, Partizanska 94, 974 01 Banska Bystrica. Ph/fax: +42-X8-7451X3.

November 21-25, 1994

Project Planning for Sustainable Development and Environment, Denmark

Workshop. Info: Ms Gulli Jakobsen, DanChurchAid, Norregade 13, 1165 Copenhagen K, Denmark, ph: +45-331552800 fax:+45-33911305.

November 23-25, 1994

Energy Emciency 2000 international symposium, Switzerland

Energy Prospects of Central and Eastern Europe in the Presence of Energy Efficiency Imperative, by 2010. Info: IASEN/AISEN, ph: +41-21-693-2402 fax: +41-21-693-2863.

November 1994*

Seminar on Sustainable Energy and Employment, Bonn, Germany

Info: INforSE, see p. 6.

November27-30, 1994*

INforSE Campaign Workshop, Copenhagen, Denmark

Info: INforSE, see p. 5.

November 28-29, 1994

Emerging Policies for European Energy, London

RIIA 10 St James Sq, London SW IY 4LE, ph/fax: +44-71-9575700/10.

December 1-3, 1994

INforSE Coordinators meeting, Copenhagen, Denmark

Info: INforSE.
December 5-9, 1994

First World Conference on Photovoltaic Energy Conversion, Hawaii. Info: D.J. Flood, NASA Lewis Research Centre, fax: +1-216-4336106.

January 12-October 12, 1995

Walk Across Europe for a NuclearFree World 1995

Info: For Mother Earth, Zilverhof 19, B-9000 Gent. Ph/fax: +32-9-2333268/ 4924, e-mail:

March 6-12, 1995

UN,World Summit for Social Development, Copenhagen, Denmark

DPCSD, ph/fax:

March 6-12, 1995* Global Forum '95, Copenh., DK Parallel to the WS for Social Dev.

March, 1995*
NGO Climate Conference, Berlin

Leading up to the COPI. Into: CNE, 46 rue de Taciturne, B-1040 Brussels. Ph/fax: +32-2-2310180.

March 26-30, 1995

Technologies for Energy Efficiency and Environmental Protection, Cain, Conference and Exhibition. Info: Fed. of Egyptian Industries, 6 Gezira El Wosta Str. Zamalek Cairo, ph/fax: 3403674.

April, 1995

The Climate is Right for A Change Youth conference and actions parallel to the COPI. Info: EYFA or A SEED PO Box 62066, NL-1090 AB Amsterdam. Ph/fax: +31-20-665-7743/0166.
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