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close this bookSustainable Energy News - No. 06 September 1994 (INFORSE, 1994)
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Sustainable Energy News

Published by: INforSE
c/o OVE · The Danish Organization for Renewable Energy

Willemoesgade 14

DK-2100 Kobenhavn 0, Denmark Ph: +45-3142 9091

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Ann Vikkelso, OVE
Gunnar Boye Olesen, OVE
Rene Karottki, Forum for Energy and Development

Technical Editor: Lars Yde,

Folkecenter for Renewable Energy P.O.Box 208, DK-7760 Hurup Thy Ph: +45-9795 6600, Fax: +45-9795 6565

Deadline for next issue: 29.11.93 Next issue: December 1993

The newsletter is quarterly. Contributions are welcomed. Feel free to use the information you find in Sustainable Energy News.

Annual subscription rate: US$ 15 Sustainable Energy News will be distributed free of charge to NGOs as long as possible.

Supported by: Forum for Energy and Development.

The coming international events, from the Social Summit to the European Energy Market, mark an increased international activity, that is covered by a number of articles in this issue. These are followed by descriptions of some new developments in the lNforSE campaign on sustainable energy for social development that will link NGO energy activities with the UN summits.

Biofuel for transportation is a rapidly growing way of using renewable energy, and is also the theme of two articles in this issue on experience with alcohol and rape seed oil for transportation.

Annexed to this issue is the Sustainable Energy Contact List (excl. Europe), the first attempt at a worldwide list of energy NGOs.

Front Page:

Building solar cookers in Basel. On one Sunday, 32 solar cookers were built. Solar cookers developed by ULOG are widespread in Switzerland, as well as in many developing countries (see article at the back page). - Demonstration of one of the ULOG cookers in Sudan. - An ULOG solar cooker installed outside the window in a city flat in Basel. Photos: Group ULOG