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Organizing INforSE in Latin America

Hyena N. La Rovere, IED

A small group of eight people met in Rio de Janeiro on July 1 to foster the development of the Latin American Network for Sustainable Energy. As ELAN/FLEA - the Latin American Anti-Nuclear Meeting/Latin American Fair of Alternative Energy Equipment to be heft in Brasilia has been postponed to April/May 1995, a large Regional INforSE meeting will take place only next year, coupled to this event which will gather most of the community involved with sustainable energy activities at the continent.


The July meeting organized by IED (Institute of Ecology and Development) and hosted by the Science and Culture Forum of UFRJ (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro), was selected to prepare the launching in the region of the INforSE Campaign on. Sustainable Energy and Social Development. In order to discuss the Latin American inputs to the campaign, a small group was farmed to try to bring together representatives of different kinds of NGOs that are active in the environment and renewable energy field and that come from different geographical areas.

INforSE Latin America

Emilio La Rovere, professor at UFRJ (COPPE, Energy and Environment Program), and Ana Lucia La Rovere represented ED, a small NGO located in Rio de Janeiro that undertakes sustainable energy development projects in rural communities, besides playing a political role in the coordination of the Brazilian and the International Forum of NGOs and Social Movements.

Until the Regional INforSE Meeting, ED has been acting as INforSE coordinator in Latin America, together with REDES, which was represented by Cesar Marchesino. Located in Montevideo, REDES is promoting the dissemination of renewable energy in Uruguay, through the installation of equipment to demonstrate the use of solar energy in an ecological village.

Luiz A. Horta Nogueira, professor at the Agroenergy Group from EFEI coordinates the Brazilian Dendroenergy Network and also represented GENERCO, a small engineering company working in the design and construction of small hydropower plants in Brazil.

L Macedo was sent by COOVIVA, a NGO from Brasilia developing projects of organic agriculture and education that is now initiating energy activities. COOVIVA is in charge of organizing the next ELAN/FLEA

Jan Jensen represented ABEAMA the Brasilian Association for Alternetive Energy and the Environment, which gathers manufacturers of renewable energy equipment. It is located in Rio de Janeiro, where the installation of a demonstration centre is planned.

Greenpeace has regional offices in Mexico, Guatemala, Buenos Aires, Santiago (Chile), Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. Roberto Kishinami attended the meeting. His action focuses on the follow-up of the Framework Convention on Climate Change. Greenpeace is also studying the potential for complementary hydropower development in the southern countries of the continent and for a wind energy project in Patagonia.

Also present was Renato P. da Cunha, from GAMBA - Environmental Group of Bahia, located in Salvador. GAMBA is a NGO representative of the Northeastern region in the Brasilian NGO forum and in CONAMA the National Environmental Council. It took part in the elaboration of a NGO book on energy in Brazil.

On the Agenda

The meeting started with a general presentation of INforSE activities; the conception of the strategy, constitution of the network during UNCED '92, present status, events, launching of the campaign, preparation of the Social Summit. Then the discussion focused on the four points of the agenda:

· The specifics of a Sustainable Energy Development Strategy in the case of Latin America

· Campaign inputs: case studies and the Latin American perspective

· Specific proposals for future campaign actions on the continent

Organizational Aspects of the Latin American Network

The results of the discussions were channelled to the process of elaboration of the campaign document. Their synthesis report is available upon request from IED. For the development of INforSE in Latin America, 8 proposals were adopted as the next steps towards the organization of the network:

· Opening a Latin American e-mail conference.

Quantifying the minimal needs of financial resources, essentially for staff and communications, as general infrastructure and equipment are already available.

Keeping IED and REDES as Latin American coordinators trying to decentralize tasks through the constitution of sub-networks in different regions: REDES, Spanish speaking countries (contacts in Mexico, Costa Rica, etc.); ED, within Brazil (contacts: COOVIVA - Centre/North, GAMBA -Northest GENERCO - South/Southeast).

Holding a larger Latin American INforSE regional meeting coupled with ELAN/FLEA in 1995. Immediate start of the organization of this event jointly with the organizers of ELAN/ FLEA.

Elaboration of a sustainable energy contact list with target institutions of the Latin American Network; NGOs already active in the energy or environment field, anti-nuclear movements, cooperatives, etc.

Sending documentation to selected institutions, inviting them to join the network and asking for information about their activities.

Preparation of specific materials for the Latin American campaign and translation of international materials into Portuguese and Spanish Participation in the INforSE coordinators' meeting through ED and REDES representatives.