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Energy and paranormal phenomena


High Energy Electrostatics Research (HEER) Springfield, Virginia

My dear friends, associates, colleagues and researchers, I would like firstly to express my appreciation to Ken MacNeill and George Hathaway for inviting me to speak at this meeting.

I believe that most of you are particularly interested in specific hardware aspects of alternate energy, such as the Hubbard Generator, the Ecklin Motor, the Moray Device, Tesla Scalar Wave Technology, the Hendershott Generator, the Biefeld-Brown/Hooper & Wallace antigravity devices, the Searl Levitating Generator, Mobius Coils and Propulsion systems and Mobius effects on electrical transmission configurations and probably a couple of dozen other devices which I have not yet had the pleasure of learning about.

I must indicate that the areas which are being investigated by HEER encompass somewhat more objective and broader aspects of such technology. We are of the very firm opinion at this point in time, or until we discover facts or evidence to the contrary, that to most effectively make, use and understand such devices in PHYSICAL REALITY, we must first understand WHAT the energy is that we are trying to tap and control, and from where it originates.

Based on many years of experimental studies with electrical fields and discharges of high voltage of varying energy densities, we believe that the very essence of all energy in REALITY (physical and non-physical) may indeed be what we currently recognize and label in PHYSICAL REALITY as electromagnetic energy. However, in its more subtle and less measurable forms, we believe this energy to be of such extraordinarily high frequency as to be non-measurable by our conventionally utilized Physical devices which are borne of PHYSICAL REALITY and subsequently have certain physical limitations which prevent the detection of, or provide the alteration or destruction of the very things we seek to measure.

An interesting example of such elusive indications may be set forth by relating a series of subjective experiments I devised using the living organism as the detector. I assembled a series of simple electrical devices to provide carefully controlled electrical shock to myself at varying voltage, current and frequency combinations to determine the subjective effect on my own living biosystem, of the application of such potentials.

At first, it was interesting to see that the conventional descriptions of electrical shock held true. That is, when an electrical potential is applied across living tissue, the contractions which occurred varied in intensity, directly with the amount of power conducted therethrough, the typical threshold potential of feeling such contractions varying greatly with each individual's skin conductivity, surface moisture and muscular fluid content, but usually appearing to be in a range from 18-38 Volts.

The FREQUENCY of such contractions was clearly and easily detected to vary directly with the applied frequency of the shocking potential. This led to an accidental discovery which I feel is critically important. In the process of building these devices, quite unhappily I received a few shocks of intensity far beyond anything to which I would deliberately expose myself.

Some of these shocks were 60Hz line current across both hands from which I was barely able to break free - a somewhat sobering experience. When the intensity of such shock causes muscular contractions to the point of nearly arresting your ability to respirate, you become a little gun-shy for awhile.

At any rate, two other instances were equally unpleasant but highly educational. One was a serious 30 KV RF shock resulting in tissue destruction at the point of contact, leaving a neat little hole in my palm which took about 3 years to disappear; the other was a "DC" shock of about 90V from a small bank of photoflash batteries. A fascinating thing registered in my mind at that point. I noticed that in both cases the shock was subjectively identical. That is, both the DC shock and the RF stock felt the same, notwithstanding the tissue destruction of the RF shock because of the extremely high potential involved.

In both instances the feeling was a powerful pinching/burning sensation. Repeating these shocks under less unpleasant and more controlled conditions led me to a very strong subjective conclusion, that is that direct current simply does not exist.

We have designed hundreds of quantitatively analytical measuring devices which are highly responsive to various frequencies and potentials, but the currents we measure with "electrostatically" sensitive devices is more of a capacitive effect.

This immediately raises some questions: when we utilize a "DC" Voltmeter or Ammeter for measuring so-called "Direct Currents", if they do not really exist, how do our meter coils develop the resultant magnetic field causing deflect ion?

Those of you who have experimented with very high voltages particularly in induction coils are well familiar with the inter-turn and inter-layer "Capacity" effects resulting in dielectric punch-through when certain potentials are reached.

Are we here dealing with "electrostatic effects", "electromagnetic inductive effects", "Capacitative Effects", "Magnetic Effects" or perhaps even "Gravitational Effects"?

I submit to you that we are dealing with all three simultaneously, the differences there-between which we tend to categorize and pigeonhole as Electric, Magnetic or Gravitational effects. I submit that they all are slightly different manifestations of a greater more generic energy of such high electromagnetic frequencies as to defy detection and categorization via normally utilized "instrumentation" borne of Physical Reality. In some instances, the biosystem is infinitely more accurate as a subjective detector - but not for quantitative evaluation.

Perhaps the very essence of this "energy" in its ultimate form can be "categorized" or "labeled" as Consciousness itself.

It is not my intent, nor was it ever, to delve into highly "esoteric" areas behind which one could hide and set forth indeterminable vagaries which forever fascinate and interest people but fail to provide the critical links and knowledge between physical and non-physical Reality.

It is my contention, however, that such links indeed exist and may, with some hard work and practice be controlled by PHYSICAL man to alleviate the interminable destruction and consumption of physical mass to generate minute and inefficient quantities of energy.

Persistence in our current direction of such consumption will ultimately surely create such gross unbalances in man's physical environment on which he is so dependent, as to cause the very destruction of man's physical world, and perhaps physical man himself.

We know well, by the proliferation of documented material on Kirlian Photography, Extrasensory perception, Radionics, Psychotronics and much more not necessary to delineate here, that the living biosystem indeed is energetic in its nature and is in obvious electromagnetic (consciousness??) communication with every other living biosystem and more. We know the brain emanates electromagnetic radiation of various types, some of which are detectable as sinusoidal-like waves. These, however, I submit to you are a function of the living biostructure. The CONSCIOUSNESS operates on little bursts of energy, much like capacitative discharges. These cascade-like discharges may carry incredibly powerful harmonics of indeterminably high frequencies which are unmeasurable by physical devices and may be the Key to the omnipresent communication between all CONSCIOUSNESS. These may comprise the very source of limitless energy we seek to tap and utilize in physical reality.

How indeed do we obtain such energy? Well, before we can utilize it, we obviously must first understand it. I submit to you, my friends, that if we bury ourselves in laboratory experimentation without first understanding that the very physical devices we seek to build may be doomed to failure unless we realize that in some of the areas we are working, our very thoughts and attitudes can PHYSICALLY AFFECT the device we are building or the success of its operation, or the repeatability of an experiment.

We cannot isolate ourselves as robots building another robot, but we can be aware of the fact that we are an inseparable part of what we build, think or operate. For example, if we work with an extremely high-Q electrical resonant circuit, say a Q of about 4000 or maybe even 10,000, and we're dealing with a bandwidth of 1/2 Hz, not only will the most minute changes in physical environment shift the resonant point immediately, but so will even the normal EM radiations from our biosystem brain. If we have powerful thought activity, the cascade discharges in the synapse areas alone could play havoc with such a delicate circuital balance. It was not ever my intent in attempting to understand the nature of our very existence, to delve into areas which can be devoid of hard experimental repeatability, but years of study and experimentation have led me to understand that there really is no such thing as "esoteric" or "paranormal" phenomena, but only phenomena non-measurable with devices borne of physical reality or understandable in conventionally perceived terms.

There is no separation between PHYSICAL and NON-PHYSICAL REALITY and there are LINKS which may be established there-between. These may be directly or indirectly related to the individual consciousness of each living entity. There are both direct and indirect ways to use consciousness energy to affect REALITY. In the highest forms of practice, this involves using the consciousness directly or aiding it indirectly by physical devices which can act to amplify and channel such energies.

A few of my distinguished colleagues have investigated these areas to some depth as exemplified by some of the concepts being developed in the areas of Crystalography, Light, Sound, Hyperspace, Radionics, Psychotronics and Kirlian Aura. I have done many subjectively successful experiments in Reality Creation which will be discussed in significant detail in my upcoming second Volume on Paranormal Phenomena.

Digressing momentarily back to the days of ATLANTIS and LEMURIA some 13,000 years ago, it is alleged via Psychic Inputs, some limited biblical interpretations and in some of the barely understood Dead Sea Scrolls, that the ATLANTEANS utilized a great power crystal operated from sunlight for energy, communications, levitation and weaponry. This smacks strongly of some of the so-called "Soft Particle" concepts set forth by Joe Cater. I currently see no strong evidence for the physical validity of a "soft particle" theory, but am thoroughly investigating the principle to determine whether or not there are any effects at all. How we label these effects is completely irrelevant. We will publish the results in our books or follow-up reports. In fact, in each area of experimental investigation, we plan to publish results and procedures in significant details clearly indicating whether or not positive results occur, and welcoming constructive criticism to improve such experiments should the results be negative.

If, for example, there is a notable effect achieved by such a multiplicity of front-surface reflections of light as purported by Cater and Clark, we will thoroughly document the measured or observed results. We fully expect that some notable phenomena may be caused, especially since there is a very strong similarity to the internal stimulation of Light which causes the coherent laser beam.

We do not want to forget our objectives, that is, to find viable links between physical and non-physical Reality which will enable us to channel in usable ways, the enormous field of energy within which we not only dwell, but are of an intrinsic and inseparable part.

We must all, in our experiments and investigations, always maintain as much objectivity and honesty as humanly possible. We are dealing in areas which many individuals of the conventional and powerful Scientific Priesthood regularly and viciously denigrate, sometimes to the point of professional or physical violence. It is difficult enough to educate the general public to the validity of such phenomena while under constant attack by the so-called professionals, but such difficulty is enormously compounded when serious researchers like ourselves are usurped and driven to loss of credibility by those who would sometimes make fantastic claims with absolutely no support, and in some cases not even a reasonably objective and intelligent approach. This is sometimes done out of innocent enthusiasm, but it can be the kiss of death for the researcher's credibility.

Objectivity and honesty are the most powerful tools we have with which to work.

I am a firm believer in the principles of truth, knowledge and understanding. While I fully realize that one man's Reality can be another man's fantasy and vice-versa, all new things should be presented in a light which will bear the utmost scrutiny. Regardless of those who would mindlessly dismiss and deride new concepts without taking the effort to investigate them, the truth will indeed eventually be brought to surface.

When we set forth dogmatic conclusions with absolutely no physical evidence or, even worse, without even a reasonably acceptable explanation, we open ourselves to the worst type of criticism and derision, which could be highly damaging to new ideas which indeed should be set forth. We then, reacting with human nature, become even more dogmatic and defensive than those who mindlessly criticize us. This is not a good situation as we then lose credibility. Remember, always endeavor to maintain objectivity, honesty and credibility.

Continuing at any rate, to look for the viable and usable links between physical and non-physical reality, we have, based on years of observation and experimentation with electrical discharges, and many other phenomena, been drawn to the following tentative conclusions which we feel are valid until we either discover or are shown otherwise:

There is such a preponderance of speculative data coupled with communications leaks in many of these areas, that I do not feel the "secrets" regarding any truly successful device in OUR area of research can either be held proprietary or otherwise concealed too much longer, nor should they be. We at HEER are trying to put into print, all of our experiments, ideas and speculations to get as much information as possible out to the public. We do not dismiss any theories and speculations, provided they are not totally devoid of fact, reasonable logic or even reasonable speculation. We do strongly avoid collaboration with those who are absolutely certain that they know all the answers or who persist in their ideas with dogmatic closed-mindedness.

A closed dogmatic mind has no room to learn or grow. On the other hand, any idea we come across which appears to have any merit whatsoever, we believe is worth checking out to satisfy its degree of credibility to ourselves. We will not, nor should anyone, dismiss a bizarre idea no matter how poorly it may be conceived or presented, prior to checking it out thoroughly both with laboratory and thought experiments.

We are living in an age of transition, where mankind will evolve to a different level. This has already started and will continue over the next 5 to 25 years. Hopefully, the transition will not be a painful one - but then this is in our hands alone. But those who have read some of the possibilities of the horrors of what could occur during the transition should not fear it. The transition will be made by every consciousness entity and whether or not it is a painful or pleasant one is really of little consequence, inasmuch as pain is a part of experience in physicality, and it is one of the many CONTRASTS required to give physicality meaning. Without the counterparts of pain and pleasure, good and evil, struggle and reward - all pulsating contrasts, physicality . . . and perhaps existence itself - would simply cease to be. Physicality is a marvelous unending (in our temporal terms) game which gives "BEING" its meaning. The CONTRASTS of PHYSICALITY are the CATALYSTS of existence.

Reality in all the many forms it takes, provides a totally malleable substance, fully manipulable by every single consciousness entity of exitence, both individually and en-masse. We each create our own Realities sometimes in readily recognizable terms, other times in non-readily recognizable terms. For example, if you decide you're going to build a table, when the idea hits you, you immediately start imaging the table and how you want it to look. The imaging is visually an agglomeration of past tables you have seen, with your mind scanning, comparing and modifying features and construction details to meet your particular needs. this imaging, once you've decided your final configuration, becomes an instantaneous thought form or REALITY in a non-physical dimension, or virtual state reality, if you will.

You then proceed to list the hardware and lumber you need to construct this thoughtform, while you may further push it towards evolving into a physical reality by sketching it on paper.

Now you've gone a step further towards physical materialization of your thoughtform Reality.

Next you actually go out and purchase the raw materials . . . already congealed and shaped energy forms . . . you take them to your workshop and start to cut, shape, drill and assemble until you've completed your Physical Reality creation.

This is a typical example of creating your own reality via physical channels. The actual operatives involved in creation of Reality may easily transcend the intermediate and cumbersome steps of manipulating already existing physical matter.

The CONSCIOUS procedure you followed, and follow every day of your life in PHYSICAL form, involves imaging or virtual state thought forms, then an intermediary of congealing the imaging on paper, and finally to 3-dimensional spacetime.

Suppose you were able to simply go directly from thoughtform to PHYSICAL congealment or energy assemblage? Then you would have evolved to the point where your electromagnetic consciousness directly controls energy.

This is indeed possible. Tom Bearden has presented some very worthwhile ideas along these lines, along with what appears to be very close to the actual modeling of the links between Physical and Non-Physical Reality.

I will further expand very greatly on this subject in my second volume on Paranormal Phenomena in non-mathematical and non-technical terms with actual exercises which will permit subjective, but highly convincing proof of such phenonmena. These exercises will be presented in a manner which will teach one to control his own Reality along with affecting the reality of others.

This may appear to have dangerous implications, and well it does, however, not as uncontrollably so, as some might think. Although we can powerfully affect the thoughts and actions of others, we can only do so within the limitations of the others' ROOT BELIEF STRUCTURES. This is how voodoo works. The victims are convinced of the power of the Witch Doctor. They are brought up in a religious cultist culture which powerfully affects their ROOT BELIEF STRUCTURES in favor of the Witch Doctor's power. This is all he needs. Now we are convinced that he can, with his little voodoo dolls, inflict pain, injury and suffering upon us, and indeed he can! We have opened the electromagnetic consciousness linking channel between us and him, giving him such power by virtue of our combined belief structures.

Now, we are not talking magic here; we are discussing very real energy operatives under conscious control of the involved entities.

Such belief structures provide the very same operatives for Faith Healers and fringe lunatic cult groups who would combine their energies to override that of a single individual. This too, unhappily, is dangerously possible. There are also other methods of amplifying this consciousness imaging energy using crystal devices to give an individual somewhat inordinate power.

I would not want people to run around in a panic thinking that anyone who is out to get them has them at their mercy by using such techniques, as they do not. The biggest danger to an individual which weakens his ability to protect himself against such an attack lies only in the weakness of his own belief that he may not have equal power rooted in his belief structure!

The most insidious element which feeds such a weakness is FEAR. We must FEAR NOTHING!

Do not FEAR the corporate megalopolies, the police state, some of the mindless and violent drug cultures, the lunatic fringe groups or death itself, since all of these are part of the very necessary CONTRASTS which maintain the very physical world REALITY wherein we exist!

We will evolve beyond these points, physicality being only a portion of the transitional experience.

We should enjoy the game of existence, play it as we must, and relish in our little discoveries of Physical Reality creation and manipulation as this is why we ARE.

So, in conclusion my friends, the only religion or belief structures I would recommend are those which purport Love, Learning, understanding, caring, sharing and discovery . . . all fascinating CONTRASTS which make BEING palatable. The only real evil is to deny others these same experiences.

Thank you for your kind indulgence.