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close this bookCase Studies on Technical and Vocational Education in Asia and the Pacific - Islamic Republic of Pakistan (UNEVOC - ACEID, 1996, 58 p.)
close this folder2. Technical, Educational and Vocational Training (TEVT) in Pakistan
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2.1 The TEVT System

· In structural terms, TEVT consists of three sectors namely, formal, informal and non-formal. The formal TEVT sector, relates to training under the control of the Ministry of Education (MOE) and the provincial Directorates of Technical Education (DTEs). The non-formal TEVT sector covers training provided outside the formal education sector, under the control of other government bodies, such as the Ministry of Labour, the Directorates of Manpower and Training, and the Departments of Social Welfare. The informal (Private) TEVT sector, consists of private TEVT institutions. Another traditional method of training is tutor and pupil (Ustad and Shagird) method of training which is generally undertaken by the low income group of society. Shagirds are learners mostly of the 6-10 age group entering into learning and they are paid nominal wages or almost no wages and learn the skill within a period of 4 to 8 years.

· The formal sector of TEVT includes vocational training in secondary schools; technician training in polytechnics and colleges of technology; commercial training in commercial institutes and colleges; and relatively limited training of skilled and semi- skilled workers in vocational institutes.

· The non-formal sector controls training for skilled and semi-skilled labour, in vocational institutes and technical training centres. Some training of commerce also occurs.