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close this bookNational Profiles in Technical and Vocational Education in Asia and the Pacific - Australia (ACEID, 1995, 20 p.)
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Training Reform Agenda

Vocational education is crucial to Australia becoming a more productive and competitive country. The adoption by the Federal, State and Territory ministers of a training reform agenda has indicated a firm commitment by government to the improvement of vocational education.

There are five basic elements in the training reform agenda:

· competency-based training
· national recognition arrangements
· an open training market
· a new entry-level training system
· equity provision.

To implement this agenda, vocational education has to meet the following challenges:

· it must support industry restructuring by providing suitable training on-and off-the-job;

· it must develop and implement competency-based training and assessment;

· it must create new approaches to delivery in vocational education;

· it must develop and implement a new credentials framework and related accreditation systems;

· it must form new relationships with schools, universities, training organizations, private providers and employers.