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close this bookCase Studies on Technical and Vocational Education in Asia and the Pacific - People's Republic of China (UNEVOC - ACEID, 1996, 18 p.)
close this folder3. Acceleration of the Reform of TVE in China to Suit the Needs of Market Economy System
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3.2 Reform of China's TVE in the Process of Transition to Market Economy System

What is our concept of market economy at the recent stage of social development in China? First and foremost, industry and enterprises should respond flexibly and promptly to the demands of productive elements such as goods, resources and labour force etc. by market economy. Therefore we should often readjust structure of production so as to optimise arrangements of resources. For this purpose, TVE must also be responsive promptly to readjustment of the structure of industries and production, and to the changes in provision and demand of various kinds of labour force. So, educational authorities in charge of TVE, especially at the top level should reconsider their function and ways of working to some extent.

Under the recent situation, the functions and responsibilities of the State Education Commission should be as follows:

· assist the legislature to work out and promulgate laws, decrees, policies and regulations concerning TVE

· to set the standards and requirements for running different kinds of schools and to set criteria for evaluation of school instruction

· to work out and promulgate the planning of TVE development and an yearly plan

· to raise and issue principles and set examples of school teaching program development and curriculum development

· to promote, adjust and control the development of TVE system through financial assistance and help grant loans to schools

The State Education Commission does not administer directly any individual schools. As one of her functions, the State Education Commission has the responsibility to guide the educational departments in other Ministries and of all provinces.

In the conditions of the socialist market economy system, reform of the TVE system in China has started mainly on following aspects: