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(5) Technical and vocational education and training

This is the last cycle of technical and vocational education at the secondary level. It is classified in the formal sector. The training is given to successful completers of grade ten, aged seventeen and above, for two years. High achievers of the one-year technical and vocational education beyond the formal sector are also admitted to this training. The entry requirement is personal interest and physical fitness.

After completing the two-year training, the trainees are expected to:

· Plan and establish their own organisation,
· Independently operate and maintain machines and equipment,
· Work as an assistant researcher,
· Develop their skill through further education.

Major courses related to common courses

Industrial technology

· technical drawing
· technical English
· auto-mechanics
· workshop management
· applied physics
· drafting
· applied mechanics
· chemistry
· electricity
· maths

General Mechanics

· entrepreneurship
· machine technology
· surveying
· woodwork, etc.

Construction Technology

· bricklaying, painting and plastering
· joinery and carpentry
· electric and gas welding
· fitting and plumbing
· reinforcement assembly of concrete structures


· accounting
· banking
· business English
· secretarial science
· economics
· commercial maths
· commercial law
· entrepreneurship
· economic geography
· computer programming
· cost-accounting

Home Economics

· food and nutrition
· applied biology
· technical English
· chemistry
· applied maths
· general statistics
· business economics
· home management and housekeeping
· art and design
· entrepreneurship
· basic bookkeeping
· textile and clothing
· technical drawing
· applied chemistry
· health
· childcare
· applied biology and development
· chemistry


· agro-mechanics
· technical drawing
· technical English
· plant science
· applied mechanics
· applied physics
· animal husbandry
· workshop management
· chemistry
· nature conservation and organisation
· biology
· agro-economics
· surveying
· maths
· economics
· entrepreneurship
· agricultural management