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close this bookCase Studies on Technical and Vocational Education in Asia and the Pacific - Indonesia (UNEVOC - ACEID, 1996, 44 p.)
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View the documentI. Glossary
View the documentII. Comparison of number of students of TVE at the End of 1983/1984 and 1988/1989 (Public and Private)
View the documentIII. Organizational Structure of the Ministry of Education and Culture
View the documentIV. Organization Structure of the Directorate General of Primary and Secondary Education (DGPSE)
View the documentV. Provincial Education Office Structure
View the documentVI. Ladder Structure of School Types and Labour Force Pyramid
View the documentVII. School Ladder, Types and Level of Skills Within DTVE
View the documentVIII. List of Clusters and Study Programs Within Curriculum 1984 for Schools of Technical and Vocational Education
View the documentIX. Stages of TVE Development
View the documentX. The Strategy for Quality Improvement of TVE
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View the documentXII. Steps for Conducting Curriculum Validation
View the documentXIII. Model of Dual System
View the documentXIV. The Implementation of Dual System Program

IX. Stages of TVE Development

Pre-Establishment (before 1969)

- Contination of the colonial system

Establishment (1969-1989)
- Increase of enrolment
- Improvement of program, teachers and facilities relevant to the need of industry

Improvement (1989)
- Integrated development
- Production unit
- Institutional partnership