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close this bookCase Studies on Technical and Vocational Education in Asia and the Pacific - Islamic Republic of Pakistan (UNEVOC - ACEID, 1996, 58 p.)
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When Pakistan came into being in 1947, it inherited an inadequate system of TEVT for industrial development. There were only two engineering colleges and few vocational institutes but no Polytechnic for producing technicians to fill in the communication gap between engineers and skilled workers. It cannot be denied that for the development of industry an engineering team is needed, comprising semi-skilled and skilled workers, technicians and engineers, therefore, technician education was given due importance in the TEVT System in the country.

In the latter part of the fifties therefore, two polytechnics and a Pakistan Swedish Institute of Technology started functioning. Later on more polytechnics and technical training colleges, commercial institutes, vocational institutes were established. Now there is a reasonable network of polytechnics, Government Vocational Institutes (GVIs), Apprenticeship Training Centres (ATCs) Technical High Schools, Commercial Institutes and Engineering Colleges throughout the country. But the output of all institutions, even today, make only a minority of the total work force.

With the advent of new technological age, basic skills will not serve the purpose. Industry requires new workers trained on the different types of latest equipment and machines which demand various types of skills.

Keeping in view the technological changes and to keep pace with the policies and priorities of the Government of Pakistan, the Ministry of Education is making concerted efforts to restructure the TEVT system in the country.