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close this bookVet Quality Management: Approaches to Self-Evaluation Methodology (Republican Institute for Up-Grading Qualification of Academic and Administrative Staff of the System of Education, Kazakhstan, 2002, 72 p.)
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3. The Project Implementation Process Description

The order of major goals and objectives achievement is given below:

· Experts and leaders group identification for primary vocational education methodology testing, functions distribution.

· Action plan design and budgeting.

· Conduction of introduction workshop with the Project working Group and discussion of general approaches to interaction arrangement.

· Identification of normative, scientific pedagogical and practical sources for design of analytical study of vocational education sector and ways of its management taking into account modern international trends in the area.

· Design of the analytical study.

· Formation of 3 temporary working groups composed of vocational education specialists to revise content of curricula and syllabuses based on cooperation with employers and other interested organizations.

· Design of information paper on results of the temporary working groups activity.

· Development of Education and Methodology Package (EMP) under the project.

· The EMP testing at 5 vocational education institutions of Almaty city and Almaty oblast.

· The EMP revision.

· Conduction of 3 training workshops and the EMP content revision.

· Generalization of the training workshops results and the EMP content revision.

· Preparation of information on the project implementation progress for the final round table participants.

· Conduction of a round table for presentation and discussion of the project major results.

· Generalization of the round table session results.

· Preparation of the final report on the project components implementation.