activity Output102

(Output 101)

Promotion of promising "orphan crops"

Promotion of promising "orphan crops"


Activity 102.1: We summarized, through position papers, information about crops which might be developed in order to diversify food-crop production systems. We prepared a paper on Guar in 1996 which is being finalized for presentation on the INTERNET for information and comments. (linked to PE 600).


Activity 102.2: We contacted NEWCROP staff at Purdue University to develop joint activities. Subsequently we provides funds to Purdue to push ahead with production of a full electronic text of the proceedings of three workshops held at the university on crop diversification, for publication by FAO on CD.


Activity 102.3: We acted as a catalyst to stimulate applied research and demonstrations of promising new and hitherto underexploited crops. We had envisaged this as a cooperative effort with the FAO/IAEA Joint Division and other interested partners, but specific activities were postponed because of shortage of resources in 1996.