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Rice Development


The fundamental objective of the Rice Development Programme to increase not only the world's rice production but also the efficiency of the conservation of national resources, farmers' incomes, and rural employment opportunities.

Work Programme:

The main elements of work programme during 1997 and 1998 includes:


* Support to the International Rice Commission

* Promotion of the Development and Use of Hybrid Rice outside China.

* Promotion of rice and rice-based farming systems in lowland/hydromorphic soils, especially in Africa.

* Assessment of the evolution of rice yields.

* Promotion of the application of the "Thriving with Rice" concept and approach to small rice farmers.

* Support to the Implementation of the Special Programme for Food Security in Low Income and Food Deficit Countries.

* Support to Field Programme and Projects.

Activities and Projects:

In addition to the support given to the International Rice Commission, the other main activities in rice development during 1997 includes:


* Support to the organization of the International Workshop on Progress on the Development and Use of Hybrid Rice Outside China which was sponsored by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Vietnam.

* Support to research projects of selected national programmes on hybrid rice in Asia and Latin America.

* Pilot test and demonstration of rice-based cropping systems and rice production technologies for lowland/hydromorphic soils as alternative to ecologically destructive upland rice production systems in cooperation with selected national agricultural research centers (NARCS) in Africa.

* Support to the organization of the Regional Workshop on Classification of Wetlands for Agricultural Development which is sponsored by the FAO's Land and Water Development Division (AGL) and the FAO Regional Office for Africa (RAF).

* Collection, compilation and analysis of information on technological components of promising packages of production technologies for rice grown under different agro-ecologies in West Africa, in collaboration West Africa Rice Development Association (WARDA).

* Conduct the study on the evolution of irrigated rice yields, in collaboration with national programmes in Burkina Faso, Côte d'Ivoire, Nigeria, and Senegal.

* Conduct the review and analysis of the rice development programme in Iran using the TCDC experts.

* Collecttion of information through library research and updating the 10 datafiles on rice production and its factors existing at the Crop and Grassland Service (AGPC).

* Translate into French and edite the French version of the technical book on "Improved Upland Rice Farming System".

* Provide technical support to the implementation of the Special Programme for Food Security in Bukina Faso, Chad, Gambia, Guinea, Madagascar, Mauritania, Nigeria, Senegal and Tanzania in Africa; Bangladesh, Cambodia, Laos, Nepal, and Philippines in Asia; and Haiti in America.

* Provide technical support and supervision to the following field projects:

-TCP/BGD/6613 (T) Development and use of hybrid rice

-TCP/MYA/6612 (T) Training in hybrid rice technology

-TCP/VIE/6614 (T) Strengthening national capacity for hybrid rice research and hybrid seed production technology.

-TCP/BEN/5613 Elaboration d'un plan national de relance de la filière rizicole.

-TCP/GAM/6611 Formulation of agricultural research masterplan.

-TCP/GHA/6613 Development of support structure for irrigated agriculture.

-TCP/RWA/5612 Project d'appui méthodolgique à la réorganisation du système de vulgarisation.

-TCP/BOT/6611 (A) Formulation of an agricultural research masterplan.

-TCP/BKF/6712 Appui à la multiplication de semences de base et certifiées de riz dans l'Ouest du Burkina Faso.

-BGD/96/02 T Sustainable food security.

-CMR/95/01 T Mission de formulation d'un programme sectoriel de promotion des PMEs agricoles, agro-alimentaires.

-GBS/96/004 Appui à la consultation sectorielle.

-BGD/89/045 Thana cereal technology transfer and identification.

-IND/91/008 Development and use of hybrid rice technology.

-SIL/89/008 Inland valley swamps development in Moyamba district.

-ZAI/96/012 Renforcement du programme national riz

-GCP/INT/530/FRA Atéliers de sélection, biotechnologie et usinage/transformation du réseau coopératif Méditerranéen de recherche sur le riz.

-GCP/SEN/049/ITA Programme d'urgence 97--Petits projets ruraux adaptés au milieu à moindre coût.


* Provide technical support to other divisions of the FAO.

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