Farm Management and Production Economics Service (AGSP)
Farming Systems Development (FSD) Approach
 FSD approach entails:
      a holistic perspective ensuring farm-households are viewed not only in terms of household, farm and off-farm activities, but also in terms of their interactions with their natural and socio- economic environments;

      a participatory process involving rural people in farming systems analysis, planning, evaluation and implementation of improvements.


FSD analyzes constraints and opportunities at the farm-household level to guide action to improve agricultural production, food security and rural life.

The FSD approach to human resource development enables personnel to apply its methodology in various ways, such as:

    • Developing relevant technology through research;
    • Disseminating appropriate technology and managerial improvements through extension;
    • Developing relevant policies to encourage production sustainability and equitability;
    • Implementing appropriate support systems for farm-households.
FSD puts emphasis on understanding farm-household systems. Through farm-household and community-level analysis, FSD can identify directions for improvement and assess their likely impact on family welfare. FSD also uses other methods, but the ranking and balance of farm-household priorities is central to any analysis.

For practical applications of FSD, please consult the following site:

Farmer-Centred Agricultural Resource Management Programme (FARMASIA)

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