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International Rice Commission


The Commission was established with the objective of promoting national and international action on the production, conservation, distribution and consumption of rice, excluding matters relating to international trade.

Work Programme:

The Work Programme of the Commission during 1997-98 includes:

* Publication of IRC Newsletters and technical documents

* Organization of the Commission's sessions, steering committee and special meetings.

* Preparation of FAO Rice Information and databases

* Support to inter-regional and regional cooperative network on rice and related topics.

* Providing guidance and technical support to the Work Programme of the Rice Development Programme of the Field Food Crop Group

Activities and Projects:

During the period of 1997-1998, the main activities of the IRC inlude:

* Promotion of the full participation of rice producing countries to the activities of the Commission.

* Organization of fora for exchange of information and collaborative efforts among member countries and regional and international institutions dealing with rice; in particular the organization of the 19th Session of the Commission in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation of Egypt.

* Organization of the IRC Steering Committee meetings.

* Providing support to the activities of the International TaskForce on Hybrid Rice (INTAFOHR); the Inter-regional Cooperative Research Network on Rice in Mediterranean Climate Area (MEDRICE); the Wetland Development and Management Network for Africa (WEDEM); and the Working Group on Hybrid Rice in Latin America and the Caribbean (GRUTHA).

* In collaboration with IRRI, WARDA, and CIAT, conducting the investigation on the decline in yield and total factors productivity in intensive rice producing areas and the development of Integrated Rice Crop Management systems.

* Preparation and publication of Volume 46 and 47 of the IRC Newsletters.

* Conducting library research for information on rice production and its factors and updating the existing datafiles as well as developing a system to integrate these datafiles into one consolidated searcheable database.

* Providing guidance and technical support to the activities and rice programmes and projects executed by the Rice Development Prgramme

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