Plant Production and Protection Division - AGP
Seed and Plant Genetic Resources Service - AGPS

WIEWS - World Information and Early Warning System
on Plant Genetic Resources

The system provides information on national programmes on conservation and utilization of plant genetic resources for food and agriculture and consists of a number of databases and information retrieval software. The information in the WIEWS is a major source for the periodic updating of the Report on the State of the World's Plant Genetic Resources.

The "Country Profile" module of the system describes the structure of national programmes. It provides a register of institutions with a list of key scientists in each institution and a list of crops and activities dealt with, as well as the list of regional and national committees with their membership.

The purpose of the "Ex situ collections" database is to provide a summary record of each genebank's (collection's) holdings. The data includes: species name and number of accessions for this species, type of material held (wild, land race, advanced cultivar, breeder's material, mutants etc.), geographical distribution of accessions, place of safety duplication. For each collection the technical parameters of storage, such as temperature, humidity, moisture content and type of container are recorded.

The "Early Warning" database is being developed and will consist of reports on the possible genetic erosion in the natural environment and ex situ collections.

For a full list of WIEWS databases, an online demonstration of WIEWS is available : WIEWS

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