Shrimps and prawns of the world

Shrimps and prawns of the world

Holthuis, L.B., 1980. FAO species catalogue. Shrimps and prawns of the world. An annotated catalogue of species of interest to fisheries. FAO Fisheries Synopsis, no. 125, vol. 1, Rome, FAO, 271 p.

From the "Introduction"

The present publication is intended to provide as complete an enumeration as possible of the species of Decapoda Natantia (shrimps and prawns) that are of interest to fisheries. This catalogue includes: (i) all species known to be used for human consumption, (ii) species known to be sold for bait and as sub-products, (iii) species not commercially exploited at present but considered by experts to be of potential commercial value. The last category includes deep-sea forms which during exploratory fishing cruises found to be sufficiently abundant, large enough in size, and sufficiently accessible to fishing gear so that a fishery for them might be profitable. Edible species found in markets as an admixture to the main catch are included, even if they only make up a negligible percentage of the catch. The information pertaining to each species is arranged by paragraphs, as follows: (1) synonymy, (2) vernacular names, (3) literature, (4) distribution, (5) habitat, (6) size, (7) interest to fisheries, and (8) remarks.

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