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Publisher: John Moehl

Editor: Margaret Zunguze

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Latest issue

Issue No. 22, July 1996

    Water Cycles
    by John Moehl, ALCOM Coordinator

    Manica Province, Mozambique, a bottom-up fish farming scene
    by François Noël

    Fisheries Management Mtera Dam Tanzania
    by Henrik Nilsson and Wetengere Kitojo

    Aquaculture Pilot project Notes
    by Henk van der Mheen

    Lake Kariba Inshore Fishery
    by Kefasi Nyikahadzoi

    Book review; Fresh water fisheries management in Namibia
    by Margaret Zunguze

    ALCOM lives on in Zambia
    by Charles Maguswi

    Ninth Steering Committee Meeting
    by Margaret Zunguze

    Small Water Bodies Pilot Project Notes
    by Lieven Verheust


    ALCOM is on line again!
    by Margaret Zunguze

Back issues

Issue No. 21, January 1996

Issue No. 20, October 1995

Issue No. 19, July 1995

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