AZERBAIJAN Central Asia ZERBAIJAN Central Asia


Mail address Narimanov Avenue 31, 370143 Baku

Sponsoring agency Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences
Nature Academic
Mission Research
Scope of interest Physical and social geography of Azerbaijan; study of its natural
condition and resources; nature protection; research on soil, climate, radiation,
heat balance; compilation of maps and atlas; aerospace methods application to

Research program
Locations Azerbaijan
Subjects Landscape mapping and toponomy, general climatology, agrometeorology,
land hydrology, economic and social geography, geomorphology,
paleogeography, forest soils, arid forest soils, steppe forest soils, nature
protection, rational utilization of resources
Status Ongoing
Findings Reduction of environmental pollution

Internal Organization
Chief official Director
Divisions Physical Geography and Cartography, Climatology, Land Hydrology,
Economic and Social Geography, Geomorphology, Paleogeography, Forest Soil,
Geography, Nature Protection and Its Rational Utilization
Professional staff 185
Total staff 197

Office Laboratories for forest and steppe forest soils, biogeography, protection and
use of fauna and flora, protection and use of soil, water resources
Computer catalog Contains all necessary literature and documentation; includes
publications from abroad
Subcenters Experimental and field stations throughout republic'
Exchange facilities Provided for visiting scientists

Serials Trudy (transactions), /zvestiye (newsletter), Nauk o Zemle (earth sciences)
Other Numerous maps for different purposes compiled; annual transactions of
Institute available
Publications list Available

Established in 1945