AGSP Objectives
Farm Management and Production Economics Service (AGSP)

Most of the developing world's agriculture is in the hands of small farmers, who generate 80 percent of global agricultural output. Many past programmes designed for small farmer development have yielded poor results because too little attention was paid to the whole farm-household system including the farmer's knowledge, the various components of the system and the relevant constraints and development potentials. Planners and policy-makers often lack knowledge of farm-household systems and their environments, farmers' participation in the design and evaluation of programmes is often poor, and programmes tend to concentrate on single problems or components.

To improve this situation, AGSP advocates the Farming Systems Approach to Development (FSD) that is participatory and systems-based. AGSP provides training and advice to national institutions which seek to apply the FSD concepts and methods in farming systems analysis as well as in the planning, monitoring and evaluating of corresponding action programmes.

A second major objective of the Service relates to farm management economics and farm data systems. Support is provided to assist decision-making on the optimal use of production inputs and scarce resources, through identification of appropriate enterprise combinations and sustainable production technologies under different farming systems. Farm data bases provide the information for farmer-focused programme and strategy formulation.


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