ACC Network on Rural Development and Food Security

The ACC Network on Rural Development and Food Security

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WELCOME to the Internet site of the ACC Network on Rural Development and Food Security, a global Network enabling diverse actors to work together in pursuit of common goals, based on their commitment to promote rural development and overcome global food insecurity.

The purpose of this Website is twofold - first, to share information on the activities initiated within the Network and promote an exchange of experiences; second, to facilitate the creation of linkages and interactive networking among countries and regions and between Network members at all levels.

 News  Progress and achievements, activities and programmes implemented by the Network's Thematic Groups, interesting news items, announcements of relevant events, and details of "what's new" are featured here.

 Background  Established in April 1997, the Network constitutes the mechanism for inter-agency follow-up to the World Food Summit and supports the Popular Coalition on Hunger and Poverty. It involves a two-tiered informal mechanism that comprises, at country-level, Thematic Groups on Rural Development and Food Security within the UN Resident Coordinator system, and at headquarters level, a network of interested organizations that support these country-level groups.

 Members  Jointly managed by FAO and IFAD, in close cooperation with WFP, the Network currently includes 20 interested UN organizations which participate in, and support, country-level Thematic Groups.

 Countries  Country-focused and demand-driven, Thematic Groups composed of concerned partners organizations, including UN Agencies, national institutions, bilateral donors and civil society organizations, are setting agendas and implementing activities that meet national needs and priorities.

 Themes  Thematic Groups are selecting priority themes to focus their co-ordinated support for policy formulation and field activities. This section explores key themes in more depth.

 Resources  Information on useful resource materials, ranging from publications and training materials to monitoring and evaluation tools and Internet links, are accessible here.

ACC Network on Rural Development and Food Security

 Welcome  News  Background  Members  Countries  Themes  Resources