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Seed and Planting Material Development


In the Seed Production and Planting Material Development sub-programme we give priority to strengthening and improving policies and programmes for sustainable production and supply of seed and planting material. Recent advances in plant breeding and crop improvement are being integrated in multi-sector and multi-disciplinary seed production and technology improvement programmes. The sub-programme is helping FAO member countries to define technical priorities and address critical constraints in key agro-ecological areas.

A major priority within the sub-programme is to help member countries to build up their own systems of seed security for sustainable food production, as the basis for achieving national food security. We give special attention to elaborating seed security schemes for regions which are prone to natural disasters and which suffer frequent significant short-falls in the supply of seed and planting material.

This sub-programme is linked with other AGP sub-programmes, such as the Conservation and Management of Plant Genetic Resources, Crop Management and Diversification and Crop Protection. It encompasses a wide range of inter-related activities, with bridging conservation and use of crop genetic diversity to support agricultural production through mass quality seed production.

The sub-programme is developing, as part of the World Information and Early Warning System on Plant Genetic Resources (WIEWS), the Seed Information System (SIS) with the aim of assisting member countries with updated information on seed and planting material, improved technologies and distribution of seed samples for research purposes.

The Seed and Planting Material Development sub-programme comprises the following programme elements:

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