Rice Market Monitor
Rice plant

The Rice Market Monitor is a bi-monthly publication produced by the Rice Group of FAO’s Commodity and Trade Division. It provides an analysis of the most recent developments in the global rice market, including a short-term outlook. Presently, the full document is available only in English but highlights are available in Spanish and French. The Monitor is expected to evolve over time in terms of coverage, intervals of release, languages and means of dissemination.



For further information, please contact: Mr. S. Mbabaali, Commodity Specialist, Basic Foodstuffs Service, Commodities and Trade Division, FAO, Viale delle Terme di Caracalla, Rome 00100. Tel: (+39 06) 57055006; Fax: (+39 06) 57054495; E-mail Shakib.Mbabaali@fao.org

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