ALCOM lives on in Zambia By Charles Maguswi, Assistant Director, Department of Fisheries Zambia A...

ALCOM lives on in Zambia

By Charles Maguswi, Assistant Director, Department of Fisheries Zambia
A short message of gratitude for ALCOMs efforts from the Derpartment of Fisheries, Zambia.

As a department, we are proud that the communities assisted and served by ALCOM appreciate ALCOMs efforts.

The rains have been good in the region and the aquacultural programmes have been revived. The Department of Fisheries now has to improve the fingerling producers network and distribution to meet renewed demand.

All in all, ALCOM may be satisfied that development of the methodologies and technologies was achieved in Luapula. For the communities there, ALCOM lives on. The following is an article that appeared in Times of Zambia on 29-2-96.

ALCOM has a significant degree of media coverage in countries in where it operates. The following article, was sent in by the Zambia Department of Fisheries.


Business Review Reporter
GOVERNMENT has been challenged to develop fish farming in the Luapula Province to sustain the local industry and for export.

A local fish expert Joshua Nkonde said in Ndola yesterday,"Government should scheme joint ventures with investors if the abundant fish potential in Luapula was to be developed.If fish farming was fully developed, Zambia could sustain the local industry and the excess exported to earn foreign exchange. Government should invest in fish farming to develop the local industry and reduce indiscriminate catching of fish,"Mr Nkonde said.

He said there were more than 3 000 fish farms in the province (Luapula) but there was need to increase the figure to sustain growth of the activity. Mr Nkonde suggested that Government set up a fish processing and canning factory to create employment opportunities for locals.

He hailed efforts by the Aquaculture for the Local Community (ALCOM) project in the region which were funded by foreign donors and added that there was need for heavy investments to develop the projects.The rate at which fish was being caught in lakes and rivers in Luapula was alarming.