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AQUASTAT is an information system on water in agriculture and rural development. It produces regional analyses and country profiles on water resources development, with emphasis on irrigation and drainage. AQUASTAT has been launched by the Land and Water Development Division of FAO.



 Information on quantity and quality of freshwater and its availability and use is essential for sustainable development. Considering that a major share of the world's water resources is used for agricultural production, and water development plays a key role in increasing food production and achieving food security, information on agricultural water use has assumed greater importance. Reliable data are also required for joint management of internationally shared water resources. The "thirst" for water data is ever increasing and there is indeed considerable demand for data on rural water use from national governments and development agencies.

 The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations initiated an activity in 1993 to meet this demand with particular focus on irrigation. This resulted in the AQUASTAT Programme, the objective of which is to generate rural water use data at country level in a systematic manner. It was decided to give priority to the countries of the African continent, in view of the urgent need to promote irrigation development for food security in most countries of the continent. Then the Near East region, which concentrates most of the complex water allocation issues of the world, was surveyed, followed by the Former Soviet Union. The survey currently concentrates on countries of the Asian continent

 This site presents a description of the rural water situation in 53 countries of the African continent, the 29 countries of the Near East region and the 15 countries of the Former Soviet Union with relevant tables and maps. The complete surveys are available in 2 FAO publications, which in addition to the information presented on this site, contain charts, graphs and figures.


FAO Water Report 7  
"Irrigation in Africa region in figures"  
ISBN 92-5-003727-9, price: US$36 
FAO Water Report 9  
"Irrigation in the Near East in figures" 
ISBN 92-5-103969-0, price: US$29 

FAO Water Report 15
"Irrigation in the Countries of the Former Soviet Union in Figures"
ISBN 92-5-104071-0 price: US$29
These publications can be purchased locally through the authorized FAO Sales Agents or directly from Distribution and Sales Section, FAO, Viale delle Terme di Caracalla, 00100 Rome, Italy. E-mail:

 We hope that the information provided will be of use to all interested in rural water resources development and management in those regions. As soon as information will be available for other countries, it will be placed on this site.



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