Plant Production and Protection Division - AGP

Seed and Plant Genetic Resources Service - AGPS


Including those in the World Information and Early Warning System (WIEWS)

    • Country Profiles. Description of the structure of national programmes on plant genetic resources for food and agriculture (8 000 institutions; 5 000 individuals).

    • Ex-situ collections. Summary records on genebank holdings (species names, number of accessions, type of material, geographical distribution) 5.2 million accessions of 6 000 species.

    • Database on databases. Central database of national and international information systems on crops and other information sources on PGR activities (10 databases).

    • Early Warning. Reports on the possible genetic erosion in the natural environment and ex-situ collections (under development).

    • World Seed Review. Based on official contributions from member countries, it contains information on plant breeding activities, variety release and registration, seed quality control, seed production.

    • List of Crop Varieties. This unique database provides information on main varieties of cultivated crops to assist in locating suitable varieties in different eco-geographical regions. About 120 000 entries of 4 000 cultivated crops.

    • World List of Seed Sources. About 8 000 public and private institutions dealing with seed production and processing in over 150 countries are recorded, with a list of major crops per institution.

    • World List of Seed Processing Equipment. About 314 seed processing equipment suppliers and 78 different types of seed processing equipment are listed.

    • Olive Germplasm: Cultivars and World-Wide Collections. This database which has been developed by Prof. G. Bartolini and other scientists (G. Prevost, C. Messeri, G. Carignani) of the 'Instituto sulla Propagazione delle Specie Legnose' of the 'Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche - CNR', Florence, Italy, contains information on more than 1 200 olive cultivars and has been compiled from more than 800 published sources. A list of olive cultivars with a short description of their characteristics, and information on their geographical distribution are provided. A world-wide list of olive collections is also available.

    For further information please contact Mr. Umberto Menini, Service Chief.