AGLS - System Approach

System Approach

The AGLS systems approach links land resources planning, conservation and management in both vertical and horizontal sense. It recognizes a systemic approach including socio-economic and time dimensions of the agro-ecological systems and places emphasis on natural and human induced linkages and processes. We provide concept development, technical support and capacity building:

  1. at farm level
    1. Optimization of overall land resource allocation and use to achieve the objectives of household food security
    2. Crop, climate and soil requirements information
    3. Soil survey, soil diagnosis, land evaluation and plant nutrition requirements advice
    4. Appropriate technologies for soil conservation and management for sustainable food and biomass production
  2. at level of rural community, watershed and agro-ecoregion
    1. Interactive planning and strategies for sustainable land use, conservation and management
    2. Land resource inventory, land use systems and land use changes
    3. Rehabilitation and reclamation of degraded lands and problem soils
  3. at country level
    1. Land allocation and land use policies for sustainable agriculture and rural development (SARD)
    2. Innovative and integrated approach to increased production on a sustainable basis particularly in low-income food deficit countries (LIFDCs)
    3. Conservation programme in fragile ecosystems such as drylands
    4. National land resources information systems
    5. Soil survey, classification and mapping