The Asia-Pacific Fishery Commission :

Background :

The Asia-Pacific Fishery Commission (APFIC) established under an agreement formulated at Baguio, Philippines, on 26 february 1948, came into force on 9 November 1948. The FAO Conference at its Fourth Session (1948) approved the establishment of this body under the title "Indo-Pacific Fisheries Council" under article XIV of the FAO Constitution.

At its seventeenth Session (1976), IPFC changed its title to "Indo-Pacific Fishery Commission "and amended the Agreement in order to change the functions of the body. The IPFC Agreement was further amended by the commission at its Twenty-fourth Session in 1993 to be known as "ASIA-PACIFIC FISHERY COMMISSION" (APFIC).

The area of competence of APFIC covers Asia-Pacific. The functions of the Commission are to promote full and proper utilization of living aquatic resources by the development and management of fishing and culture operations and by development of related processing and marketing activities in conformity with the objectives of its members.

Current members of APFIC include Australia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, France, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States of America and Vietnam.

Recent Publications :

  • Asia-Pacific Fishery Commission : Structure, Functions and Directory of its Subsidiary Bodies. FAO RAP Publication 1997/28.
  • APFIC and the sustainable Development of Southeast Asian Fisheries. FAO RAP Publication 1996/11.
  • Supporting Fisheries Management in Asia : An APFIC Information Network. FAO RAP Publication 1996/12.
  • Report of the 25th Session of APFIC, 15-24 October 1996, Seoul, Korea. FAO RAP Publication 1996/40.
  • Proceedings of the Symposium on Environmental Aspects of Responsible Fisheries. FAO RAP Publication 1997/32.
  • Summary report and papers presented at the Tenth Session of the Working Party on Fish Technology and Marketing, 4-7 June 1996, Colombo, Sri Lanka. FAO Fisheries Report No. 563.
  • Small Pelagic Resources and their Fisheries in the Asia-Pacific Region. Proceedings of the First Session of the Working Party on Marine Fisheries, 13-16 May 1997, Bangkok, Thailand. FAO RAP Publication 1997/31.
  • Status of Fishery Statistics in the South Pacific Region. RAP Publication 1997/30

APFIC Meetings in 1998 :

  • Sixty-seventh Session of the APFIC Executive Committee. 10-12 June 1998, Bangkok, Thailand.
  • Tenth Session of the APFIC Committee on Marine Fisheries. 15-18 June 1998, Bangkok, Thailand.
  • First Session of the APFIC Aquaculture and Inland Fisheries Committee. 13-16 July, 1998, Bangkok, Thailand.
  • Twenty-sixth Session of APFIC and APFIC Symposium on Fish Utilization in the Asia-Pacific Region. 24-30 September, Beijing, China.

For more information on APFIC, please contact :

Dr. Veravat Hongskul,

Senior Fishery Officer,
The APFIC Secretariat
FAO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific
Phra Atit Road, Bangkok 10200, Thailand.
Phone : +66 2 281 78 44    Fax : +66 2 280 04 45    E.mail :

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