Plant Production and Protection Division - AGP
Seed and Plant Genetic Resources Service - AGPS
Seed and Planting Material Development

Strengthening of Seed Policies and Programmes

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In this Programme Element we aim to help FAO member countries to define criteria for the drawing up and implementating national, regional and inter-regional seed policies and programmes, through technical meetings and specialized workshops. We expect such policies to expand and improve cooperation between developed and less developed countries.

We give special attention to providing guidance to member countries on normative matters, including seed testing, certification and legislation, as well as variety protection, through plant breeders' rights, or sui generis systems, in cooperation with the FAO Legal Office.

FAO members, particularly the less-developed countries, are being helped to develop national and regional training programmes to upgrade their technical capacities to produce improved seed and planting material. We focus our activities on helping in variety evaluation, release, replacement and maintenance, and ensuring that concrete advances in the application of biotechnologies to crop genetic improvement will be reflected in future programmes for seed and planting material multiplication.

For further information please contact Messrs. Menini, Sikora, AGPS.

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