A">UGANDA (5 June)

UGANDA (5 June)

Prospects for the 1998 first season foodcrops, to be harvested from July, have deteriorated following a dry spell in central and south-eastern parts since the second dekad of May. More precipitation is needed to avoid reductions in yield potential. Despite a delay in the onset of the rainy season, the area planted to the maize crop is estimated to have increased from last yearÂ’s level when shortages of seeds were experienced.

Overall food supply conditions are satisfactory. Prices of beans and maize remain stable and are below their levels of a year ago. However, food shortages are reported in western and northern parts where the 1997 second season harvest was reduced. The situation is also difficult for the refuge and displaced population in Gulu and Kitgum Districts where civil strife persists. Increased insecurity in Kabarola and Kasase Districts in the west has resulted in further population displacements.