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Posted 20 July 1998


Progress and achievements, activities and programmes implemented by the Network's Thematic Groups, interesting news items, announcements of relevant events, and details of "what's new" are featured here.

July 1998
Strategies for sustainable management of natural resources, Tonle Sap Region, Cambodia | Natural resource and environmental management in Yemen | UNDP/FAO collaboration on food security and sustainable livelihoods | Promoting UN Collaboration in the Philippines | Transferring agricultural and rural development projects to clients in Latin America | Rehabilitating roads and bridges in Angola | Financial crises: causes and indicators | Unfolding African Renaissance | Tokyo Declaration on 'Eco-Society' at local level

June 1998
Food Insecurity and Vulnerability Information Mapping System | Global Mechanism to combat desertification | International Year of the Ocean | International Conference on World Water Resources | Water resources management | Global Teenager On-line Forum | Organic farming's contribution to sustainable agriculture | Legislation for sustainable development in Jordan

May 1998
Committee on World Food Security | Knowledge Network on Civil Society Initiatives in Land Reform and Tenurial Security | UNDP's collaborative efforts with civil society | People's Summit "Beyond Growth: Consumption and well-being" | Requesting contributions for future updates...

April 1998
"Year of Food Security" in Venezuela | Announcing the ACC Network's "Theme of the Month" | Encouraging the participation of civil society in the Network | Guidelines for Thematic Groups | Help desks: support mechanism for Thematic Groups | Network e-mail listserver | Resources

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