AGPS/PGR: Activities

Plant Production and Protection Division - AGP
Seed and Plant Genetic Resources Service - AGPS

Activities of the Plant Genetic Resources Group

1. Our Regular Programme consists of:
  • The International Network of Ex Situ Collections under the auspices of FAO
  • Developing plant genetic resources policies and strategies
  • Institutions and capacity building
  • Genebank Standards and their implementation
  • Safety duplication of germplasm collections
  • International and regional crop related networks
  • International Code of Conduct for plant germplasm collecting and transfer and its implementation
  • Guidelines for in situ conservation of crop wild relatives
  • Guidelines for in vitro and field genebank manamgement
  • Training and workshops
  • WIEWS (World Information Early Warning System)
2. Field Programme

Provides technical inputs and support to a range of of projects, including :

  • TCP projects
  • UNDP projects
  • GEF projects
  • CFC projects

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