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close this bookBoiling Point No. 12 - April 1987 (ITDG, 1987, 36 p.)
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Briquetting from Agriculture and Forestry Waste

Special Issue of "Changing Villages" (Volume 7 No. 3 May-June 1985) available from Consortium on Rural Technology, E350, Nirman Vihar, New Delhi 110092, India

This 130 page edition of "Changing Villages" is a most useful collection of papers covering the technical, fuel source, economic and social aspects of briquette making and use. Although related to Indian problems, it reports developments in several other countries. It does not cover briquette burning cooking stoves, but lists briquetting machine manufacturers in India.

The titles of the 9 papers are as-follows:

1. Briquetting of Biomass: Energy Input-Output Analysis - V. Raghuraman

2. Potential Briquettes from Farm Residues as Rural Energy Source - Anil K. Rajvanshi

3. Pyrolysis of Agricultural Residues - An Economic Analysis - K.K. Baveja and P.D. Grover

4. Coal from Agricultural and Municipal Waste - A Technology & An Industry - C.K. Tekchandani and R.K. Dubey

5. Briquetting - Brig. S. Choudburi (Retd.)

6. Briquetting or Organic Residues - o.p. Vimal

7. Briquettes from Organic Wastes as Fuel for Curing Virginia Tobacco - N.C. Gopalachar

8. A Profile of the Briquetting of Agricultural and Forestry Residues - A.E. Smith, G. Flynn and G.R. Breag

Production of Biomass Fuel Briquettes in Developing Countries - James Martin