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close this bookBoiling Point No. 04 - March 1983 (ITDG, 1983, 20 p.)
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Intermediate-Technology Development Group


ITDG is seeking a Manager for its internationally recognised Stove Programme, funded by the Overseas Development Administration. me goal of the Programme is to develop and disseminate improved, fuel efficient cooking stoves collaborative research is presently being undertaken with institutions in Nepal, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Kenya. The Programme is also closely linked to ITDG's other biomass and forestry initiatives.

The applicant should:

- be qualified in a natural science/engineering discipline with social science experience, or possess a social science qualification with substantial technology based experience.

- have relevant Third World experience particularly in rural development

- have sound project management experience

- be an effective written/verbal communicator.

Location: The Programme is currently based at Shinfield, near Reading, UK. Considerable
overseas travel is required.

Salary: circa £10, 000 negotiable

Closing date for applications: AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

Further details from:

ITDG (Biomass Recruitment)
9 King Street, London, WC2E 8HN
Tel: 01 836 9434

NB ITDG regrets that it has no funds available for relocation expenses, or for travel to the UK for interview.