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How to make jak fruit biscuits

Jak fruit is a large yellow fruit widely available throughout Asia. It is harvested twice each year but rots quickly and the flesh and seeds are therefore processed in many diverse ways to lengthen the shelf life. Shaheda Azami describes how to make jak fruit biscuits.


600g Wheat flour and jak fruit seed powders 60 per cent (360g) flour and 40 per cent (240g) jak fruit powders (may be adjusted to taste.)
250g Sugar
250g Shortening
100g Skimmed milk powder
5g Sodium chloride (Common salt)
10g Baking powder
15g Vanilla essence
10g Orange essence
2 Eggs


· Weigh and then mix together the wheat flour, jak fruit seed powders, powdered sugar, skimmed milk powder, salt and baking powder.
· Add vanilla essence to the shortening and mix thoroughly.
· Add the sugar gradually then put the salt, water and eggs into a mixer and mix for two minutes until a dough is formed. Relax the dough for 15 minutes before rolling out.
· Roll the dough to about 3mm thickness. Leave the sheet for 5 minutes and then cut the shapes with a biscuit cutter
· Place the cut-out biscuits on greased-paper lined pans, about half an inch apart. Add a thin layer of egg yolk to the top of the biscuit. Bake in an oven at 204° for 10 minutes until light brown.
· Leave biscuits to cool.
· When cool, package the biscuits in airtight containers or polythene bags. Note that these should be properly sealed