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Composting in triple-compost bin

Making three compartments permits us to keep adding to our compost pile. The compartment at left is ready for the fields while the others are still rotting.

1. Fill compartment one with composting materials.

2. Add a small amount of soil or animal manure.

3. Continue in this way till the compartment is full.

4. After a month, empty the contents of compartment one into compartment two, mixing, watering and breaking up the compost in the process

5. Cover the second compartment with a layer of soil, which has to be kept humid and loose.

6. Once compartment one is empty, the process of filling it should begin again as before.

7. After another month, fill compartment three with the contents of compartment two, airing the contents well without turning over.

8. Cover the third compartment with a layer of soil.

9. Fill compartment two with the contents of compartment one and cover with soil.

10. Fill compartment one with refuse and the cycle goes on.

Composting in triple-compost bin