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View the document1. Anaesthethics
View the document2. Analgesics, anti-pyretics,anti-inflammatory, anti-rheuma drugs
View the document3. Anti-allergics and drugs used in anaphylaxis
View the document4. Anti-epileptics
View the document5. Anti-dotes
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View the document8. Anti-parkinsonism
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View the document10. Dermatological drugs
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View the document13. Gastro-intestinal drugs
View the document14. Hormones + other endocrine drugs and contraceptives
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View the document16. Muscle relaxants
View the document17. Ophtalmo.-auricular preparations
View the document18.psychotherapeutics
View the document19. Respiratory system
View the document20. Solutions transfusion
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This pricing lists gives you an approximate idea of pricing of generic essential drugs in belgian francs of orbi pharma, a belgian ngo. This pricing list is only given for information. Its aim is to inpire people and to illustrate that basic human health needs can be met at low costs. More price lists of basic human needs providers around the world will follow soon in the next version of the cd-rom library for sustainable development and basic human needs.

Orbi pharma is belgian ngo, a non-profit essential drug procurement agency for non profit procurement of all medical and pharmaceutical supplies to developing countries .prices are of 1995, are in belgian francs (35 belgian francs are approximately 1 us$ dollar). Prices are at the end of each line. Divide by 30 to have an approximate value in dollars. Amp means ampulles - vials. C stands for comprim(tablets). The address of orbi pharma is po box 10, b-2600 berchem (antwerp) - belgium. Tel 32-3-216.39.78 fax 32-3-216.98.97. Soon other price lists of other basic human needs products providers will follow in the next cd-rom editions.