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View the document1. Anaesthethics
View the document2. Analgesics, anti-pyretics,anti-inflammatory, anti-rheuma drugs
View the document3. Anti-allergics and drugs used in anaphylaxis
View the document4. Anti-epileptics
View the document5. Anti-dotes
View the document6. Anti-infective drugs
View the document7. Drugs affecting the blood
View the document8. Anti-parkinsonism
View the document9. Cardiovascular drugs
View the document10. Dermatological drugs
View the document11. Desinfection / destruction
View the document12. Diuretics
View the document13. Gastro-intestinal drugs
View the document14. Hormones + other endocrine drugs and contraceptives
View the document15. Immunologicals
View the document16. Muscle relaxants
View the document17. Ophtalmo.-auricular preparations
View the document18.psychotherapeutics
View the document19. Respiratory system
View the document20. Solutions transfusion
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17. Ophtalmo.-auricular preparations

17.1 anti-infective agents
Argyrol eye drops, 9 ml, 0,5%10fl930
caf ear drops 5% 10 ml100fl1200
caf eye drops 0,5% 10 ml100fl1100
chloramphenicol opht.ointm 1%,5g100t 630
tetracycline 1% eye oint, 5g 100 t 580

17.2 anti-inflammatory agents
dexamethasone eye oint, 0,5mg/g60t 720
+neomycine 5 mg/g, 5 g

17.3 local anaesthetics
Aminophenazon 40mg + lidocaine 10mg/gr, 30 ml1fl 80

17.4 miotics and anti-glaucoma drugs
pilocarpine hcl 2%, 10 ml 75 fl 2960
Timolol 25 lg/ml, 5 ml5fl 1100

17.5 mydriatics
atropine sulfate collyre 1%, 10 ml1fl 25