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close this bookLivestock to 2020 - The Next Food Revolution. 2020 Vision for Food, Agriculture, and the Environment. Discussion Paper 28. (IFPRI, 1999, 79 p.)
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View the document1. The Livestock Revolution
View the document2. Recent Transformation of Livestock Food Demand
View the document3. Accompanying Transformation of Livestock Supply
View the document4. Projections of Future Demand and Supply to 2020
View the document5. Implications of the Livestock Revolution for World Trade and Food Prices
View the document6. Nutrition, Food Security, and Poverty Alleviation
View the document7. Environmental Sustainability
View the document8. Public Health
View the document9. Technology Needs and Prospects
View the document10. Taking Stock and Moving Forward
View the documentAppendix: Regional Classification of Countries Used in this Paper
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Recent Food, Agriculture, and the Environment Discussion Papers

27. Soil Degradation: A Threat to Developing - Country Food Security by 2020?, by Sara J. Scherr, 1999

26. Fostering Global Well-Being: A New Paradigm to Revitalize Agricultural and Rural Development, by David D. Bathrick, 1998

25. Pest Management and Food Production: Looking to the Future, by Montague Yudelman, Annu Ratta, and David Nygaard, 1998

24. Food from Peace: Breaking the Links between Conflict and Hunger, by Ellen Messer, Marc J. Cohen, and Jashinta D’Costa, 1998

23. Seguridad Alimentaria y Estrategias Sociales: Su Contribuci la Seguridad Nutricional en Areas Urbanas de Amca Latina, by Maria InShez-Gri 1998

22. The Nonfarm Sector and Rural Development: Review of Issues and Evidence, by Nurul Islam, 1997

21. Challenges to the 2020 Vision for Latin America: Food and Agriculture since 1970, by James L. Garrett, 1997

20. Water Resources in the Twenty-First Century: Challenges and Implications for Action, by Mark W. Rosegrant, 1997

19. China’s Food Economy to the Twenty-First Century: Supply, Demand, and Trade, by Jikun Huang, Scott Rozelle, and Mark Rosegrant, 1997

18. Russia’s Food Economy in Transition: Current Policy Issues and the Long-Term Outlook, by Joachim von Braun, Eugenia Serova, Harm tho Seeth, and Olga Melyukhina, 1996

17. The Role of Fertilizers in Sustaining Food Security and Protecting the Environment, by Balu L. Bumb and Carlos A. Baanante, 1996

16. Managing Interactions between Household Food Security and Preschooler Health, by Lawrence Haddad, Saroj Bhattarai, Maarten Immink, and Shubh Kumar, 1996

15. Potential Impact of AIDS on Population and Economic Growth Rates, by Lynn R. Brown, 1996

14. Land Degradation in the Developing World: Implications for Food, Agriculture, and the Environment to the Year 2020, by Sara J. Scherr and Satya Yadav, 1996

13. The Transition in the Contribution of Living Aquatic Resources to Food Security, by Meryl Williams, 1996

12. Middle East Water Conflicts and Directions for Conflict Resolution, by Aaron T. Wolf, 1996

11. Structural Changes in the Demand for Food in Asia, by Jikun Huang and Howarth Bouis, 1996

10. Overcoming Malnutrition: Is There an Ecoregional Dimension? by Manohar Sharma, Marito Garcia, Aamir Qureshi, and Lynn Brown, 1996

9. Agriculture, Technological Change, and the Environment in Latin America: A 2020 Perspective, by Eduardo J. Trigo, 1995

8. Major Natural Resource Management Concerns in South Asia, by Gerard J. Gill, 1995


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