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close this bookAgricultural Growth Linkages in Sub-Saharan Africa - Research Report 107 (IFPRI, 1998, 152 p.)
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Agricultural Growth Linkages in Sub-Saharan Africa

Christopher L. Delgado
Jane Hopkins
Valerie A. Kelly


Peter Hazell, Anna A. McKenna, Peter Gruhn, Behjat Hojjati, Jayashree Sil, and Claude Courbois

International Food Policy Research Institute
Washington, D.C.

Copyright 1998 International Food Policy Research Institute

All rights reserved. Sections of this report may be reproduced without the express permission of but with acknowledgment to the International Food Policy Research Institute.

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Agricultural growth linkages in sub-Saharan Africa/by Christopher L. Delgado ... [et al.].

Includes bibliographic references (p.).

ISBN 0-89629-110-3

1. Agriculture - Economic aspects - Africa, Sub-Saharan.
2. Agriculture and state - Africa, Sub-Saharan.
I. Delgado, Christopher L.
II. International Food Policy Research Institute.

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